Many applications for Raspberry Pi require a display for their use. You can use any computer or TV screen, but more and more people are using the small screen to control their device.
I recently bought one myself, and in this review I will share my thoughts on the SunFounder 7 capacitive display.

I will guide you through all the steps that may be useful if you are looking for a new screen:

  • Why and how do you use it?
  • 7-inch SunFounder with features and service package
  • The pros and cons I noticed after one month of use
  • And for whom?

Let’s see what this screen can do for you.

My personal use

Why I bought it

I’ve been using Raspberry Pi on an old 21-inch computer screen for years.
I was very happy with it (not counting the space on my desk), but a month ago that screen broke down.
Because I need a screen almost every day to try something new on Raspberry Pi, I started looking for a new screen and wanted to choose a model for Raspberry Pi.

I wanted something simple (plug & play), if possible with a touch screen and a stand to put it on my desk.
Based on these criteria, half of the models were excluded and in the end I chose a SunFounder model that I thought was the most suitable.

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How I tested

I bought it a month before I wrote this magazine and used it all the time.
I use it almost daily as a control monitor when writing textbooks on this site or for the YouTube channel. I also do a lot of tests every week for future articles or projects.

But I don’t use it as a start screen eight hours a day. I just check that the system is booting up correctly, configure a few settings and then use remote access or my recording device for the project I am working on.
I also played a few games for a recent blog post about my favorite N64 games on Raspberry Pi.



Here are the key features of the SunFounder’s 7-inch touchscreen

Screen size 7 inches
Resolution 1024×600 pixels
Touch screen type Capacitive 5 point touch control
(Plug&Play with USB)
Ports. HDMI, USB (touch), 3.5 mm jack (audio output)
Response time 5 ms
Dimensions 182 x 114 x 15 mm

If you need more information, all specifications are available on the manufacturer’s website.


The price is correct, it is certainly not the cheapest option, but compared to other Raspberry Pi alternatives of the same size, resolution and including support, they are very similar.
If you want to know the exact price right away, you can check it here on Amazon.

Depending on how you want to use it, compare it to a standard monitor. If you prefer a larger size and better resolution and do not need a touch screen, you can find multiple 20-inch monitors at entry level for the same price (e.g. this one).
So remember to use a desktop computer as the main computer, the smaller one is not cheaper.


As you saw in my tweet, the box in the corner was a bit damaged, but inside everything is well protected, so I had no problem with it.

Package contents

The box contains everything you need to connect Raspberry Pi to this screen:.

  • The screen itself
  • Energy consumption (12 V)
  • Screen support
  • A small user manual introducing the display (11 pages with delivery note, quick start guide, product features, buttons and connectors, tripod mount, display settings, Raspberry Pi control system settings and frequently asked questions).
  • HDMI and HDMI microphone cables (works with any Raspberry Pi model)
  • USB cable (for touch function)


There’s practically nothing you can do about it, just screw on the holder and find the right position to support the screen.
There are no instructions in the user manual, so I had to find a picture of the product to understand how to install it.

By the way, here is a good position:.

Sunlighter 7 inch view

Total quality

My first impressions are excellent, the screen seems to be of good quality, the design is neat and I like that everything is in the package.Data: Image/svg+xml.

I even discovered unexpected features such as the built-in speaker and headphone output.
After installation on my desktop, I am very satisfied with the result, it works well:.


Immediately after that I will list all the pros and cons, but here are the most important remarks I have after a month.

Anyway, I’m happy. That’s exactly what I needed. As I said before, the purpose of using it as a control screen is not to work on it, so I didn’t expect so much (for example, I only want to see an error if the system doesn’t start).
I have recently tried several systems, and the touch function works on all systems (even exotic systems like Android TV or FreeBSD).
I’ve never arranged anything for him, so he’s perfect.

Although I like it, I would also like to mention a few things to consider if you are interested in this product.
The first is the size of the screen, 7 inches is small. It’s big for a phone, but small for a
computer. In my case it’s fine, but if you really want to use it, you’ll probably consider a 10-inch or bigger model. However, this is normal on systems optimized for small screens, such as Android or Volumio.Data: Image/svg+xml

Slightly less and in the position of the cables. They are all connected on the same site, so if you are looking for something well organized and sober, it will be difficult (not impossible, but difficult).Data: Image/svg+xml

There is also no room for the purple pi on the holder, and you can’t mount it behind the screen. I didn’t mean to, for the record.
In addition, the screen itself is not attached to the stand. So if you have children or pets, be careful because he might fall. There’s nothing special on the table, but it’s good to hear.

However, I have kept the product and will use it as Raspberry Pi’s main screen for the coming months.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The advantages of Disadvantages
General Quality Location of the port
Package contents Not related to support
Plug and play.

I don’t put a price on these results because they’re average.
Size is also a big concern for me, but it’s not an unexpected result, I knew before I bought it that it was a 7-inch screen.

Who’s in?

I think the 7 screen of the SunFounder is a good solution to display or operate something optimized for a small screen. As a remote control Volumio can be a calendar or a dashboard (for example for home automation), a photo frame or a webcam monitor, etc.
You can also use it for children, I think, to watch cartoons or play games.

But if you’re looking for a home screen for Raspberry Pi OS or another desktop system, I can think of another alternative. This model is good for troubleshooting, but to use it for a long time, I recommend a larger screen size (see other options below).


For the size of the 7-inch touchscreen, the SunFounder model I just reviewed is probably one of the best. The problems I’ve found aren’t that boring, and you’ll love it.

If you want to try another version to fix some of the bugs that I’ve seen, I recommend that you try the SunFounder 10″ version, which should be a little more comfortable.
The two have a lot in common, this model from the same manufacturer, and should solve almost all my problems.

We can expect the same quality with different improvements: Screen size, resolution, connectors on the back, raspberry ppi attached to the screen.
On the other side: This is not a touch screen (the touch version is available here, but is slightly different).

For use on your desktop, consider a standard 17-inch or larger screen and HD resolution (see the bestseller on Amazon).
Nothing can be done on the 7-inch screen.


That’s all. I hope I’ve answered your questions in this investigation and that you can now make an informed decision.
In summary, the SunFounder’s 7-inch touchscreen is not ideal for the Raspberry Pi, but it is perfect for use as a control monitor in many applications.

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