There are a few useful tips and tricks for iOS 13 that will help you take your phone to the next level. The latest operating system for the Apple iPhone offers many new features. But the use of the new software can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t be overwhelmed, it’s already done. Here are some interesting tips on how to take advantage of iOS 13, as well as some old tricks. Here’s how to download iOS 13 if you haven’t received the latest update yet.

How to play live via Siri in iOS 13:

Did you know that Siri in iOS can play certain radio stations? But not just for iOS 13 – some areas get this functionality in iOS 12 – many users get it in iOS 13. It’s very easy to say hello Siri and play [name of radio station] on the radio station. Siri can access and play a radio station.

Siri does not work with the various online radio providers to stream your radio station.

Siri shortcuts added in iOS 13:

The Siri Shortcuts let you assign quick actions to Apple’s Siri Wizard. This feature is available in iOS 12, but in iOS 13 Siri plays an important role and you can now find Siri shortcuts in your own application. Just press the Shortcuts application to get started. Then click the Create Shortcut button to create a simple shortcut. An interesting Automation tab allows the device to respond effectively to changes in context. It automatically shares the whereabouts with your spouse when you come home, or it can play a specific song when you pick it up. Finally, the gallery presents a number of predefined shortcuts that you can use as inspiration for your own creations.

Know All The Usefull iOS 13 Tips And Tricks

To use the Preview Around Map function in the Apple Maps application:

This function allows you to take a tour of a place before visiting it. To use it, simply point to a location on Apple maps and press and hold to select it. If the Look Around option is supported at this point, you can easily see the Look Around image. Then just click on it to go down to the street level and drag to move. Now that you’re here, you can also drag and drop it from the bottom of the screen or add it to your favourites.

Know All The Usefull iOS 13 Tips And Tricks

Apple does not yet have the same coverage as Google, but assures users that this will be the case by the end of 2019, and then in other countries.

For the use of a sliding input:

In iOS 13, Apple also adds a slider function to the standard iOS keyboard. An old favorite of several million users. In this mode, simply rotate your finger over the keys on the keyboard to type a word, instead of dragging each character. This method is generally considered faster than typing.

Know All The Usefull iOS 13 Tips And Tricks

This option is enabled by default – and you can use it simply by sliding your finger across the keyboard.

To customize your Animoji and Memoji:

You no longer need an iPhone with TrueDepth technology (iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR) to create Memoji in iOS 13. However, you need the TrueDepth camera to let Memoji or Animoji follow your movements. New devices running iOS 13 or iPhone 6S can also create their own Memoji.

Know All The Usefull iOS 13 Tips And Tricks

Look into iMessage, open the call, press the memoji icon and then press the + button.

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