You have tried everything to get rid of your unwanted hair, but no traditional method has been really effective so far. Have you tried laser hair removal  ?

modern and radical technique to say goodbye once and for all to your hairiness. Many questions come up about this method.

Is it really definitive and is there a health risk with the laser? Are the sessions affordable or overpriced?

Without further ado, here are most of the details you need to know before embarking on the adventure.

What are the techniques for permanent hair removal?

There are actually few permanent hair removal techniques since there are only two that are really effective. There is electric hair removal also called electrolysis and laser hair removal .

Electric hair removal or electrolysis

The hair removal by electrolysis consists in introducing each hair along a small needle with a mini-electrode . The dermatologist then passes an electric shock which destroys the hair bulb and prevents regrowth.

It is a long method since at each session only a small area can be treated. However, its benefits are many and the hair is permanently removed . There are no more problems with ingrown hairs.

The method acts on all types of hair and does not affect the surrounding tissues. If it is well practiced, it leaves no visible marks and helps reduce sweating.

The disadvantages relate rather to the discomfort felt in some people, the slowness of the treatment and the price which can vary from 20 euros for 5 minutes up to 250 euros for an hour of intervention .

It is therefore a real investment that must be well thought out. The side effects are relatively mild, ranging from mild swelling to redness that quickly fades as with all other hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal

The laser as a hair removal technique was developed a few years ago and is gradually replacing electric hair removal. However, the laser is not suitable for all skin types .

Indeed, the laser beam will heat the hair and its bulb rich in melanin to destroy them. . Melanin is made up of the pigments responsible for the color of hair and hair.

Thus, black hairs have a high level of melanin while light or red hairs have a low level of melanin . However, the laser is designed to recognize strong pigmentations, so it will have optimal effectiveness on dark hairs .

Laser hair removal devices are usually suitable for fair skin with dark hair .

But the technique having evolved, some devices are now able to treat dark skin without risk . You will understand that for laser hair removal to be effective, you must have dark hair so if your hair is very light, it is better to turn to another method .

The laser treats a larger hair area than electric hair removal. For the legs, bikini line and underarms, count 3 to 5 sessions to obtain a satisfactory result .

Know that it is necessary to wait 2 months between each session for a maximum of hairs to reach the final stage of their development. Finally, for the down of the upper lip, it will take 5 to 10 sessions because the hairs are finer and the hair cycle faster.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

When it comes to laser hair removal, it is a bit adventurous to talk about permanent hair removal. Even though the laser is very effective, it cannot remove 100% of the hair .

But some bulbs may have escaped the action of the laser because they were not yet pigmented at the time of your last session. They will therefore continue to evolve and give birth to new hairs .

Despite everything, as the sessions progress, the regrowth will become more and more discreet . To maintain smooth skin over the long term, it is best to schedule an annual maintenance session at the end of your main treatment.

In summary, we prefer to qualify laser hair removal from a hair removal clinic in delhi as lasting rather than permanent .

Is laser hair removal dangerous?

There is no such thing as zero risk with the laser, however, you can limit the risks by first contacting dermatologists or aesthetic doctors who are recognized and specialized in this practice.

They will diagnose your skin before doing anything. The main risks involved are rare cases of burns and transient depigmentation of the skin .

According to specialists, the exposure to the laser beam is too short to constitute a danger. Paradoxically, an unexpected side effect can occur, it is the paradoxical stimulation .

That is, the growth of fine hairs near thicker hairs is stimulated by the laser instead of destroying the bulb. This usually happens after the first few sessions on the facial area , upper thighs and near the breasts.

To remedy this problem, you have to switch to electric hair removal but be careful, this technique is prohibited in pregnant women and during menopause .

How old for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is prohibited in children . In adolescence, some young girls might be tempted to use it, but it is not recommended at all.

Adolescence is a time of great hormonal turmoil . However, hormones play a major role in the development of hair growth.

For the effect of laser hair removal to be lasting, it is therefore best to wait until the hair has completely finished growing and is stable .

However, exceptions can be made for adolescents aged 15 to 17 with parental consent , in cases of very heavy hairiness, but satisfactory results are not guaranteed.

The ideal age to start this hair removal technique is therefore around 25 years old. You will thus avoid an incalculable number of sessions and an astronomical cost of treatment.

What is the price of laser hair removal?

The price of laser hair removal varies depending on the area to be epilated and the number of sessions to be planned .


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