RARBG Proxy is a website that unlocks the original rarbg torrent site, where you can download all kinds of content, including TV series, animated films, music, software, games and much more.

What does the GRIP proxy do?

The ISP of the original Rarbgs site is blocked by several countries in connection with an attack on landfills. Here you can use the Rarbg proxy site and change your ISP to a country where the use of Rarbg is legal.

In this article you will learn how to access the RARBG proxies and RARBG mirrors that work. As a bonus, I’ve also provided an alternative to GRIP where you can find your favorite content.

Pay attention: We update the GRBR alternative list and the GRBR proxy list every week after testing several sites.

The website you opened today may not load the next day. There are two reasons for this: either the URL is blocked in your area, or the URL has been deleted due to legal issues.

To make sure that you are using a reliable torrent site that checks torrents without malware, I made this list after removing all sites where I found fake redirections, bad torrents and obvious sites full of malware.

How to access the RARBG proxy server to unlock RARBG via VPN

If you use the Rarbg proxy, open a mirror copy of the original Rarbg Torrent site.

The authentic RARBG proxy server accesses the RARBG server and delivers all the torrent files stored there. However, if you click on a downloaded file, your IP address may be tracked and possibly blocked. This is where a good VPN comes into the picture, because it allows you to access GRBR anonymously and securely by masking your IP address.

With the VPN you eliminate the risk of blocking your ISP and get free unlimited private access to download Rarbg torrents.

Professional advice: All RARBG proxy servers have different speed limits, so you need to choose a high speed proxy site that allows the user to remain active at all times.

Exclusion of liability : Downloading copyrighted content can lead to legal problems. Geekymint or the author do not intend to promote piracy. This article is intended for educational purposes only.

List of running proxy servers / RARBG mirrors

Without further delay you will find here the list of SISIP proxies that are guaranteed to work.

Proxy/Mirror RARBG Websites .
Proxy Rarbg 1 Speaker (https://rarbgmirror.org/index70.php)
Proxy Rarbg 2 rarbgto (https://rarbgto.org/index70.php)
Proxy Rarbg 3 Toothpicks (https://rarbgunblock.com/index70.php)
Proxy Rarbg 4 rarbgaccess (https://rarbgaccess.org/)
Proxy Rarbg 5 rarbgprx (https://rarbgprx.org/)
Proxy Rarbg 6 rarbgproxy (https://rarbgproxy.org/)
Regular access rarbgprx (https://rarbgprx.org/)
Rarbga unlock Toothpicks (https://rarbgunblock.com/)
Mirror side 1 Sound Mirror (https://rarbgmirror.com/)
Mirror side 2 Rarbgun block (https://rarbgunblock.com/index70.php)

GRIP Alternatives Assistant

  1. Pirate Bay proxy server
  2. TorLock proxy server
  3. Proxy server 1337x
  4. YTS proxy server
  5. Zooqle Proxy Server
  6. Torrentz2 proxy server
  7. ExtraTorrent Proxy
  8. FCTV proxy server
  9. Nyaa.si Authorized representative
  10. LimeTorrents Proxy Server
  11. Representative of Kickass-Torrents
  12. TorrentDownloads Proxies

1. Pirate Bay proxy server

Characteristics of Pirate Bay

  • The oldest active torrent search system in the world.
  • It affixes trusted/VIP labels to flows that are safe and legal.
  • It serves the dual purpose of torrent tracker and search engine.
  • Anyone can download torrent files, from amateurs to professionals.
  • Supports magnetic connections

2. Assistant door lock

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Torlock features

  • The best torrent tracker for finding subtitles and duplicates of anime, comic book torrents, complete e-books and music torrent files.
  • The best alternative to the RARBG proxy for anime fans
  • It has a list of the 100 best torrents of the week, which is updated every week.
  • More than 4.5 million torrent libraries

3. 1337x Alternatives

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Features 1337X

  • 1337X is one of the best torrent sites on the internet.
  • The 1337X torrent library is a combination of classic and recent television series, games, e-books, films and music.
  • The search has filters such as new episodes, where the controlled links are consulted most often, which makes your search more efficient.
  • Rating is one of the most popular legal torrent sites in the world.

4. Authority YTS

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Characteristics of the YTS

  • Dark thematic interface where you can find a list of the latest movies you can watch for free
  • Most suitable for customers with limited bandwidth because you get light torrents
  • A quick search option and a search bar with category, age, gender and ranking filters for better results
  • Ideal for viewing free movies online
  • You will also find software and torrents of anime and rarbg

5. Replacement animal park

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Characteristics of the zoo

  • One of the last sites you can use if the Rarbg proxy doesn’t work
  • A huge library with over 3 million torrents tested.
  • You can download more than 3,500 current films and more than 500 television programmes free of charge.
  • Zooqle also offers torrent files for software, e-books, anime and comics.

6. Torrentz2 Assistant

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Features of Torrentz2

  • It is also on our list of the best safe and legal music streams.
  • A reliable torrent tracker for good quality free music files
  • Torrent site over ten years with thousands of proven torrent files from over 25 seeders.
  • Also offers an option for magnetic connections

7. ICAO licence

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Features of EAECTV

  • The TV series focuses on the website of the torrent, where you can download free TV programs and complete reality series.
  • Rarbg’s best proxy replacement for finding your favorite TV shows
  • EZTV is updated daily with high quality streaming TV programmes.

8. Current radiation proxy

Features of Lyme Torrentz

  • It offers most of its feeds from other, larger and more reliable trackers.
  • The Rarbg Proxy is one of the best alternatives that offer proven currents.
  • Use a free website with fast downloads that is also compatible with low-end computers.
  • Different categories with high loading speeds and seeders

9. Kikass Torrence Assistant

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Kickass flow characteristics

  • Basic user interface, which makes it easy to find links to torrents
  • It’s easy to find the rarest torrent files from e-books, comics, music, software, games and more.
  • One of the oldest active torrent sites on the internet.

10. Proxy Torrent Downloads

List Of RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Alternatives (Safe&Working) –

Features of TorrentDownloads

  • Extensive library of torrent files of different categories
  • Includes free downloads of HD movies, software and games
  • Search bar to find your favorite content
  • Simple user interface and fast loading.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What’s Rarbg?

Rarbg is a torrent search engine that allows you to download free documents such as anime, movies, software, links to magnets and torrent files using the BitTorrent protocol.

Can I access Rarbg proxy sites without using VPN?

Yes, you can access Rarbg proxy sites without using a VPN, although it is always better to have a VPN before visiting a torrent site.

Who’s the best Rerbg representative?

The best Rarbg proxy sites and Rarbg alternatives can be found at the top of this article; you can find the list above.

Is Rarbg’s lawyer legal?

A power of attorney is only permitted in certain countries and not in the United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan, where a power of attorney and torrents in connection with an authorized power of attorney are prohibited.

What is the best Rarbg proxy server?

After testing, our technical experts found https://rarbgmirror.org/ to be the fastest Rarbg proxy to download and the best to access torrents in different categories.


The above lists are Rarbg’s safest and most legal repositories and alternatives on the Internet. I have also given professional advice on improving the speed of torrent loading above. Follow the exact instructions for unblocking Rarbg creeks.

Another professional piece of advice: I like to give advice to professionals, here’s another one: Do not ignore the warnings or compromise the security of your computer. Make sure you do not download torrents from unknown sources or use torrents that are blacklisted.

You can tell us which Rarbg proxy URL downloads the fastest in your area. This will help us improve the accuracy of this article.

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