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Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item of FFXIV

Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item of FFXIV

When Shane and I had our first home in Final Fantasy XIV, it was a beautiful disaster. It wasn’t pleasant, I used everything we had as much as I could!

A few months later we moved and I got another chance to decorate our house. This time I decided to look for inspiration before I started.

I remember finding the first pictures of the attic. I spent days looking at photographs and examining my life sources to see what was used and where. And when I realized how I could decorate this loft with a lot of junk scenes and a flight disruption, I was so happy!

The problem with this failure is that every time we update FFXIV, we seem to lose the exact art of making these levels float.

But now it seems that Square Anix has heard our call to facilitate the construction of the lofts.

New wooden pen Article

I don’t know exactly when this loft came out (I haven’t been in the game for a couple of months, so a lot has changed), but in one of this year’s patches, Square Enix has introduced a new wooden loft.

It’s actually pretty cool, looks like a thinner, shorter version of the group’s scene and is designed as a wall object. This means that you can mount it to the walls at any height and it stays where you place it. No interference.

The designers of the FFXIV enclosure are enthusiastic.

Where did you get a wooden attic?

So part of the problem I’ve had with the corporate scene loft in the past is that corporate scenes are ridiculously difficult to do. For example, you’ll need three level 70 craftsmen, two level 70 collectors and a final set to make them all.

You can also buy them at the market, but on a good day in Fumfrith they cost over 100,000 pfennigs. I remember when I built our first loft, the average weight was about 250,000 pounds.

However, the new wooden attic only has level 45. You need two artisans and two mechanics by the time you’re 45, which is still a trifle, but much more affordable for people who want to make a beautiful design.

In addition, there are only about 20,000 green vegetables on the market.

Where can I install a wooden loft?

One of the main limitations of the group scene method is that you can only go over windows and doors that are already in your apartment. So, if you want to build a loft this way, it will be much easier to spend time in a small house where everyone is present than in a medium or large house.

The wooden attic seems to fit everywhere, including the partitions. The only real limitation I found was that it didn’t seem to work directly on prefabricated masts. But it will work around her!

Can you swim like beds in a wooden attic?

From what I see, objects like chairs and beds don’t stand on their own on wooden pens, so you have to keep bathing in them in the traditional way. It’s a great guide if you’re looking for a way to swim objects!


Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item of FFXIV

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Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item of FFXIV

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Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item of FFXIV

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