McBookies are pretty popular these days. More and more people are choosing Mac computers. Thanks to its light weight and durability, you can take your laptop with you without having to worry about logistics.

However, if someone changes Windows, it may take some time to configure. In addition, macro-blocks have characteristics that may surprise some people. In this article we are going to talk about these functions, so be sure to read it.

Report no. 1 – Sidecar

Apple’s sidecar function is perfect for people who have an iPad in addition to their Macbook. If you want to view multiple apps, a single Mac screen may not be enough. Or maybe there’s someone else who wants to see the same thing you do? Give them an iPad connected to your Macbook.

It’s also worth noting that graphic designers can turn their iPad into a tablet and use it to draw by viewing the result on a Macbook screen.

File no. 2 – Digital signatures

Digital signatures save time, especially when multiple documents are processed in the course of the day. You can simplify the process of printing a document, signing it and then scanning it to return it.

Launch the Preview application and open a PDF document on this topic. Click the Signature tab and select the option to create a new signature.

You can add signatures using a trackpad, an iPhone, or a piece of paper and a Macbook camera. Once you have saved your signature on your computer, you can add it again using the same sample application.

File no. 3 – Spotlight on the issue

Spotlight is constantly adding new features, but some Macbook users still don’t get the most out of what the application has to offer.

You have a multifunctional tool that allows you to perform calculations, convert currencies, find applications, documents and other files you need. Finally, Siri offers also give you access to the latest news, weather forecasts and sports results.

Folder n°4 – Keyboard labels

Neat Macbook Features You May Not Know

Shortcuts should not be a new trick for people who have used computers in the past. But when it comes to MacBooks, it’s not just about Control + C and Control + V.

For example, if you want to take screenshots, you must use Command + Shift + 4 and Command + Shift + 3. The first is designed to cover the entire screen, while the second is designed to cover a specific part of the screen.

The +command + delete option is also useful when you want to permanently delete files. Some Macbook owners forget to empty their garbage, which usually leads to performance issues. But if you delete the files immediately and permanently, they won’t stay in the trash.

Function 5 – Safari on screen

You’ve probably heard of picture-in-picture mode, right? Coincidentally, the Safari Browser for Macbook also has this feature by default.

If you want to run the video in the background while performing other tasks, such as taking notes, right-click on the video and a menu will appear on the screen to activate the picture-in-picture function.

It should be noted that not all video platforms work in the same way. While YouTube shouldn’t cause any problems, other websites could. In this case, click on the audio icon in the toolbar of your browser. Safari will improve this feature.

Function 6 – Word Definitions

Perhaps you are reading an article with too many unfamiliar words or phrases. And changing tabs to access the online dictionary is destructive. The same goes for the constant monitoring of the physical vocabulary on your desk.

Fortunately, if you work with Macbook, you can skip third-party sources to find the meaning of the word and search for it directly. Select the words or phrases you want to know and press Command + Control + D. A dictionary as a pop-up window will give you definitions, synonyms and even the origin of the word.

Function no. 7 – Keyboard lubricant

Neat Macbook Features You May Not Know

Emotions have become a popular way to get your message across to others. Whether you’re serious or having fun, even here and there you can bring things to life.

You can approach the emoticons through a character viewer. Start the application and double-click the special icon you want to insert into the text.

Characteristic no. 8 – Adjusting the volume of the particle size

If you are not satisfied with the default volume setting, why don’t you change the way it is set? To decrease the volume increase, press and hold the Option + up arrow button. The sound window opens, where you can adjust the volume of the application in detail.

Listening to music, podcasts or videos on YouTube may be more fun if you can find the perfect volume.

Here we go:

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