The big change in the user interface known as Sun Valley is probably the change most people are looking forward to in Windows 10, given the entire lifecycle of the operating system so far. It is expected to be available in the second half of 2021 and should revive the desktop operating system with impressive changes.

As of now, Sun Valley is surrounded by rumors and leaks without any official comment from Microsoft. However, sources close to Microsoft were able to get insider information on what is happening around the project.

Sun Valley updates the look of the Windows 10 user interface. This includes the rounded corners of buttons, application windows, and shell items such as the Start menu, Action Center, File Manager, and their associated dialog boxes. They need to be more in tune with modern parts of the UI and create a simpler, more efficient UI system that adapts to modern workflows.

Internally, Microsoft is calling the move a Windows desktop update. Job postings on Microsoft’s career site confirm that the plan to rejuvenate Windows users with Windows is a BACK slog.

Visual changes to include Sun Valley


Microsoft is working on a new version of the taskbar without the notification area. Taskbar icons are displayed in the Action Center, just like in Windows 10X. The taskbar also provides access to the new Windows 10X Action Center on the desktop.

It will include features such as a quick control panel, a custom music management interface, and a visually separated notification area.

Start menu

The Start menu contains menu implementation corners, pinned applications, jump lists, and similar user interface items. The image below restores the rounded look of the Start menu, which is exactly the same as the current look of the new Start menu available inside.

New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features

There are also internal versions that have a Windows 10X boot menu on the desktop. This type of menu may also be available. This one:

New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features


Like Alarms and Clock, other incoming applications will also have a similar new design based on the new WinUI platform. In addition to updated controls, applications benefit from new fluid animations.

New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features

New functions

In addition to the changes to the user interface, Microsoft will be adding a number of new features. One of them, News and Interests, already appears in the Insider Preview buildings. Interested users can impose it.

New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features

Using the battery in the parameters

Microsoft adds a new page about battery usage in the Settings application. It provides detailed information about the power consumption of each application at each hour and offers additional options to prevent battery drain. Its early implementation is already available in the Insider Preview builds.

New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features

Click on window

New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features

  • It is possible to separate the Microsoft Edge tabs from the application windows in the Instant Help view.
  • Snap Assist remembers which applications are turned off and where, instead of restarting the layout after connecting or disconnecting your device’s big screen.

Microsoft Accounts Overview in Task View

Microsoft is also working on a new dashboard that integrates with the task field. It displays an overview of your Microsoft or Enterprise account options and details, including upcoming calendar events, recent Office documents, email, tasks, and other news and interests related to your network.

Other changes

  • Voice command interface update. New Start, Taskbar, Flyouts and features
  • New context-sensitive menus are designed for pen users.
  • A new set of gestures for tablets that allows you to use gestures in all applications and system settings. It turns any application into touch screen software. Some are similar to the trackpad gestures used in Windows 10 today, but you can now use them with the touch screen.
  • Ability to remove most applications from the inbox more than they do now.

Microsoft is expected to release an update to Sun Valley in the second half of this year. So it could be in the October communiqué, which will appear in October 2021. Update, version 21H2.

Although Microsoft will release two feature updates in 2021 as part of its biennial update program, the value of the updates will be rolled back. The Spring Update, version 21H1, will be a smaller update, similar to what we’ve already seen in Windows 10 20H2 and 1909. The largest, with more visible changes, 21H2, will be published in the second half of 2021.

Images and credits : Windows Central

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