Mask of the Month: Eurospa

In the March edition of Mask of the Month, I will be sharing with you this gem from no other than the dollar store! Or Dollarama to be more precise.

This month I tried the Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask in Oatmeal (I was really tempted to say in the flavour oatmeal but we’re not eating it).

Image result for Eurospa Heat Therapy

This mask retails for a whopping $1.25 and comes in a squeeze sachet of 15 ml. To open the product you simply rip the corner tab off (which naturally I had difficulty doing this and product ended in my sink).

I must say this product was a bit deceiving as I only used about half of the sachet to cover my face and neck entirely.

But there’s one other issue.

The packaging shows a lady with avocado colour cream on her face but the product is nearly transparent. Why Eurospa?

The Application

Once you’re done getting product all over your sink. Work the product up to the sachet and apply directly to the face. Avoid the eyes, nose and, mouth areas.

This product is self-healing but only for a few seconds as you work it into your skin. The product is smooth but feels oily as you work it in.

There is a heavy fragrance that only reminds me of Grandma perfume drawer.

After 20 mins of letting it sit, you are to wash it off. This mask does absorb into the skin nor leave residue afterwards.

Final Thoughts?

At $1.25 this is great skin care activity. However, I’m sceptical to see any benefit to my skin. Regardless of the presence of honey and oatmeal.

The great thing about this cheap product was it did not irritate my combination. I was initially worried over the oiliness of the product. I would recommend this for all skin types.

Was it anti-stressful? Of course, anytime to take 20 mins out of your day and put some goop on your face it’s distressing.

This would be a fun thing to do as a couple or with a good friend.


No Brushes Blue Halo

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do a halo style eye look without any brushes. The inspiration came from “What do women do when they forget they’re brushes when travelling?”

I’m  going to start off by saying that I did take hygiene into consideration and I keep clean figures while doing this challenge.

My palette of choice for this is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. However, you can use the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette or Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette (they all have a blue, shimmery gold, and a medium brown).

Steps are as follows….

  1. With you middle finger, take a generous amount of Almond Truffle and lightly dab the lid area entirely. In light rubbing motions blend the excess above the crease. (Take extra care not to agitate the eye and wash hands).
  2. With the middle finger, take a generous amount of Divinity and blend from the top of the brow bone into Almond Truffle.
  3. With your pinky finger, take a small amount of Earl Grey and carve out a halo. (I recommend starting from the inner going outwards. Use the excess to blend into Almond Truffle and into the waterline).
  4. With your peter pointer, put a droplet of setting spray into Molasses Chip and lightly dab onto the centre of the eyelid. (This WILL feel like finger painting).
  5. Take a small amount of Earl Grey and blend areas as needed.
  6. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow bone with Satin Sheets with your ring finger.

What I Learned From This

When using the setting spray method to bring out Molasses Chip, by using your fingers the shimmer shows more than using a brush and the same method.

It is also harder to blend out the crease area flawlessly. I’m grateful for crease and blending brushes.

What do you think of this little experiment? What would you do if you were brushless?

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Just WOW!

You guys continue to blow my mind with your support. This is wasn’t a planned post but I wanted to share some goods news as last week I shared some bad news.

In only a couple hours apart from each other we killed some site records!

At first, we hit 1000 likes and I was flabbergasted (that’s a word I don’t use often).  It seems like yesterday we were only at 500 and in fact, it was only 2 months (60 days) ago we were.


Then around dinner time last night, we hit over 200 followers! Honestly, I must have blinked because only a month ago were we at 100 followers.

200 Follows!

I’m speechless. So speechless I couldn’t even come up with a title for this post.

To all of my subscribers old and new thank you for the support. It means A LOT especially as I am going through some tough times at the moment. I love the community that we have put together and let’s keep it up.

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Otherwise, thank you for the love and have a wonderful weekend!



Swatch: Chubby Stick Intense in Mightest Maraschino

Here is another swatch from the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense line in the shade Mightest Maraschino. If you are fair, this is the perfect red to achieve a Snow White look. I have received many compliments with this.

If you are interested in a nude Chubby Stick shade here is the swatch for  Caramel.


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Shamrock Goddess Look

This was supposed to be an attempt at a Shamrock on the eyelids.As you can see it went array. Fortunately enough, I was able to go with the mistake and turn it into cosplay woodland elf inspired look for St. Patricks’s Day.

I did a sexy Shamrock Smoky Eye (as dubbed by one of my readers) earlier this week if you are looking for a different St. Patrick’s Day inspired makeup.

For this look I used two palettes: Urban Decay’s XX Reloaded palette and Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons.

Steps are as follows…

  1. With a Q-tip with spray with setting spray on the point, and dip into the shade Mildew. Once you get to the crease follow the curvature of the eye to make a cut crease. About half way up the brow bone, add whatever detail you would like to finish off the green.
  2. Take concealer and tidy up the lid. Set it with a light shade I used Cashew Chew and highlighted a bit with Satin Sheets.
  3. Tidy up the brow bone with a sturdy concealer brush with Divinity.
  4. Highlight with a short sturdy brush with Satin Sheets against the brown line.
  5. Place Highlight in the inner corner of the eye and drag into the water line.

There you have it the Shamrock Goddess a.k.a the shamrock that went wrong.

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Nope Trends in Makeup

Just when you think the beauty glitter trend is over. There’s another awful and slightly more dangerous glitter trend that comes along to replace it. Ladies and Gentleman in this edition of Nope Trends in Makeup, I present to you the Glitter False Lashes.

Are you getting a chill up your spine yet, with the mere thought of glitter in your eyes? I am.

Image result for Glitter False Lashes


Now, glitter false lashes have been around for a while. In fact, I found a pair through Beautylish for Sugarpill false lashes.

The issue is people are taking regular lashes and dousing them in clear mascara or lash glue and rolling them in glitter.

Glitter that is not makeup grade. Thus compromising their eye health and skin for a ridiculous trend.

Take this as a lesson from Nikkitutorials who publicly did a glitter challenge and was very upfront about the product destroying her skin. Thus, needing weeks to get her scratched up skin back to health.

Where would you wear glitter eyelashes anyhow aside from a Halloween party?

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3 Products I Want for Spring

If you are a fellow makeup addict like me, then you aware there are two times a year that big product launches come out; Christmas and Spring/Summer. Last spring we were introduced the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

Lorac I Heart Brunch Palette

Image result for Lorac I heart brunch palette

Not only am I drawn to this palette because it has shade names like Avocado Toast,  it also lacks neutral brown shades. I’m not saying neutral brown are bad…there just boring and every palette has them. This palette offers an array of spring shades with fun breakfast names like Blueberry Scones and Pastry Chef.

This item will a part of a larger line that includes lip products and blushes.  You can purchase the I Heart Brunch palette from Lorac’s Website for $44 USD.

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

This product retails for $35 CAD on the Sephora Website. This product is packed with coconut and quinoa and claims to be non-comedogenic (doesn’t break you out). In addition, it claims to blur pores and brighten the skin.

This priming moisturiser is intended to be a 2 in 1 product to aids those in a hurry.

I have only had good experiences with First Aid Beauty and looking to trying their new line.

Too Faced Love Lights Prismatic Highlighter Collection

Love Lights

I’m not much of a blush or highlight person, but when I saw the swatches of these I’ve never fallen more in love.

This is collection is great if you are looking for a highlighter that you can wear on any occasion.

The Love Lights collection retails for $38 CAD each from the Too Faced Website.