Product Review: Black Head Pore Strip

Here we go again, another Korean beauty product from Amazon. Lately, I’ve had really good luck with charcoal masks from Amazon. So I was on the fence if I was going to be wowed by yet another charcoal mask or if the nostalgia had finally worn off.

The Black Head Pore Strip isn’t actually a pore strip like the product title says (perhaps pores strips are different in Asia?)

It is, however, a charcoal based peel off product when dried. It has similar properties to the Mask of the Month: Black Mask .

For a whopping $5 CAD you get 12 packets, but honestly, it looks like more when received. Shipping was prompt (less than 5 business days) and the items came together and sealed in a clear plastic bag in addition to being individually wrapped.

The Application

I found for best results to place this on your face after steaming or a shower to pull out blackheads (it does remove them just not a large amount like Biore Strips).

Cut a corner off the packet and squeeze onto the fingertips, place on areas of concern or all over (obviously, avoid hair unless you want to give yourself a cheap wax).

Be sure to spread in sheer even layers. Too much WILL cause dripping. IF this does happen don’t panic, wash your clothes right away with water and soap (I’m a very messy person).

When the product is dried completely lift from the bottom up.  This product doesn’t hurt when peeling up you will just feel the pulling of the skin.

Overall, the mask takes about 15-20 to dry and you can tell by the touch or if it has a sheen.

Image result for charcoal mask


I love how these are packaged individually and are great to travel with (especially after being in an airplane with dirty recycled air).

That being said, the packets make them easier to store over a tube or jar like similar products on the market.

The Black Head Pore Strip has a great price at approximately $5 CAD for 12 packets.

**Here’s a secret you can actually seal this back up with a food saver because of the packaging!!

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Cliff in a Forest Look

I was really inspired by earth tone looks. My inspiration came from a red rocky cliff surrounded by forests.

I used the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. You can use the Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette #28 as a great alternative. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much in regards to the selection of full brown-green palettes.

This look is most flattering on green and blue eyed individuals with fair to medium skin tones.

Steps are as follows….

  1. Using a fluffy blending brush, take the shade Peaches N Cream and dust the lid entirely to brow bone.
  2. With an angled blending brush, fill in the crease to the inner corner with the shade Summer Yum.
  3. Use a small stiff blending brush, buff in Tempting to the outer corner of the crease. Drag into the water line. Using a fluffy tapered blending brush,  blend Tempting into Summer Yum until you have a flawless ombre effect.
  4. Lightly place concealer onto the first half of the eyelid. Pat on Bless Her Heart with a flat top blending brush.
  5. Blend Tempting into Bless Her Heart with a Small blending brush until seamless.
  6. With a concealer brush, tidy up the brow bone and highlight with White Peach. Pat White Peach on the inner corner of the eye and drag into waterline.
  7. Using a small definer brush, pat Bless Her Heart onto the waterline and blend into Tempting.

There you go you have an earth-toned smoky eye.

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How Acne, A Concussion, and A Blog Changed My Life

After a long, painful and scarring fight with adult cystic acne, I finally figured out what was causing it and it was an item in my everyday life. Something I consumed every day without much thought as to what it was doing to me.

IMG_2893 (2)

How Bad Was It Really?

I have suffered from deep cystic adult acne my whole entire life. I have had antibiotics, retinoids, and painful chemicals put on my face–with little to no results.

The picture above shows the awful scarring that was left behind. At one point, my skin was so bad, as soon as a blemish would raise it would instantly scar and flake up making it impossible to cover up with makeup.

There were even days where I was so defeated by my breakouts I would call into work sick just to avoid people.

I have missed numerous events in my life because I couldn’t face people because my acne took away all my self-pride and confidence.

Why I Started My Blog

Image result for blogging lay flats

With the bad comes something good.

I felt defeated, but I wanted to showcase my knowledge of makeup product for acne sufferers. Lidsandtricks allowed me to network and communicate with others who were in a similar boat.

My readers helped me out too. I ended up leaving my job after sustaining a serious concussion (crossing something off my bucket list). I felt alone and useless but my blog community rallied and gave that encouragement back. This is when the focus went from just makeup to beauty and lifestyle as I learned to heal (and let my brain “reboot”).

I never thought it would lead to the success that it is today.

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The Cure

When I was learning to be healthy from my concussion I could see my skin getting better some days and going back to its normal freak out mode (not on hormonal cycle).

This was my first tip off it was something to do with my diet.

There’s that famous phrase “You are what you eat”, and for a good reason!

My boyfriend was in dead season and was VERY inspired by the Food Network. Thus, pizza making ensued (seriously, never ate so much god damn pizza in my life).

I could see my skin freaking out so I knew it was something related to the pizza. After research, I thought it was candida (acne caused by yeast).

However, as I was researching continued to research I came across a study about the rise of adult acne caused by gluten.

I took a leap of faith and went gluten free. A part of me wanted it to work and the other half wanted to fail so I could still enjoy the food.

Within 4 days, my skin had started to clear up. I was astounded.

Turns out the cause of my acne was something in my diet–gluten. There are different types of acne; some are caused by hormones and some are caused by digestion.

Since the abolishment of gluten from my diet, I have been acne free.

You are what you eat after all.

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Indie Makeup Brands I Want

Antipodes is an organic beauty brand based out of New Zealand. Their products are certified vegetarian and perform on the idea of combining natural extracts with premium skincare.

Antipodes products contain Sauvignon blanc grapes. A type of grape that has twice the antioxidants compared to other grapes in the world. This ingredient is best known for its antiaging properties.

Healthy Lipsticks

You can find such products at Antipodes as body oil, masks, serums, lipsticks and cleansers.

A lipstick will set you back $37NZD and a facial toner $44NZD.

There was little information in regards to their international shipping policies so they may ship to North America at an additional fee.

Personally, I love the lipsticks and it’s something I look forward too.

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Finding Inspiration When You Have the Blogging Lulls

It’s normal to experience writer’s block and procrastination when it comes to blogging. Creating content is hard and if you’re a daily writer it can seem like an endless tunnel when you become unmotivated.

Today I am bringing you a list of some ways to stay motivated with blogging.

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Read, Like, Comment

There’s no easier way to get motivated then by seeing what other writers are posting about. This is a great way to connect or reconnect with people and subscribers who have supported you on your blogging journey.

Generally, when you like and comment on other posts then you will see an increase in stats which is a great morale booster!

Being social in blogging also allows you build relationships not only with other bloggers but with companies and networks too! You never know who’s watching so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and comment. This could one day lead to sponsored posts and monetization.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is key to being a successful blogger. But a big part of this happens before you even come up with a title name.

Brainstorming is the biggest skill a blogger can have. Personally, I keep a notepad beside my laptop in case I get a random thought or visualisation I want to pursue.

But you know what?!

A lot of brainstorming comes as inspiration from other blogs which is why liking, commenting and reading other blogs is key.

I find that as a blogger I go through bouts of writer’s block. Using the notebook method I am able to avoid this and have a continuous flow of content to keep my blog fresh.

Goal Setting

When I’m not worried about the content that I’ve produced, I like to set a personal goal for my blog based off of a statistic. This also counts for other forms of social media (Pinterest analytics, Twitter analytics, and Instagram likes on a photo).

For instance, I will set a daily, weekly, or monthly goal. Goals that I have strived for in the past include beating my daily all time best for site views, most new subscribers in a day, or all time pageviews in a month.

It makes you feel great when you do achieve your goals and you can see the growth in your website.

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Read Income Reports

Although I have yet to earn a cent, I enjoy blog income reports are a great motivator because it shows you what your blog can be one day.

It’s like a blueprint of other bloggers success and they are sharing their advice with you. Most income reports for bloggers are found on Pinterest.

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