Development issue/problem:

When I import a project in Android Studio using the link

I found out that the error

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

In my situation, I didn’t need to work with Git, I just wanted to run a project I had downloaded, and that’s what led me to this error.

With Android Studio 3.0, I clicked on the Configure button in the pop-up window that appears in the lower right corner.

This automatically opens a window [also accessible from File->Preferences] on the Versioning tab. I selected the first entry in the large list and removed it by clicking on the red minus sign.

Registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there –

Then the error should disappear

Solution 2:

There is an .idea file in the archive that should not be there. Inside are files linked to vcs that may contain a path that is not on your computer.

Make sure there is a .git folder in the project folder on your PC. Otherwise, you need to clone the project correctly if you want to use the included vcs tools. Here is a link to know how to do it: Git basics, a quest to clone an existing repository.

You will then need to close Android Studio, delete the .idea folder and open Android Studio again. This will recreate the .idea file and should solve the problem.

Solution 3:

If you have Git installed and the project is a cloned Github repo, check to see if there is a .git folder in the project directory.

If the folder is not found by your device, navigate to your project folder and perform the following steps:


You may have lost your .git directory, or it may have become corrupted after the initial clone of Github. Depending on what happens next, some unforeseen problems may arise. So read on to know about any issues using git push :

Solution 4:

I did it and the error message disappeared,
Click on the Configure button,
This takes us to the VCS Project Repository tab,
Here I selected this project name and clicked on the minus sign on the right,
Now click on Apply and OK
And with that, my message disappeared.

Solution no. 5:

  1. Rename your current project folder (the new one you want to put on GitHub) to something like MyProjectBackup.
  2. In Android Studio, go to File > New > File of Versioning > GitHub. Then log in with your GitHub username and password and select the name of your old project from the list of GitHub repositories. Continue with the Import Wizard and you should finish your old project in Android Studio. (For example, your old project is now in MyProject and the new project is in MyProject Backup).
  3. Manually remove everything except .git and .gitignore (and possibly the readme file and license) from the MyProject folder.

Solution no. 6:

In my condition, I clicked Configure.
Opens the parameters In this case I removed the URL (error address).
Works for me.

I also use Linux. So I installed the git program on my computer.

with this:

sudo apt-get install git.

Solution no. 7:

I tried to start the project by dragging it from the git repository, but on initialization the same error appeared -.

So, to solve this problem…

With Android Studio 3.0, I clicked on the Configure button in the pop-up window that appears in the lower right corner.

Registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there –

When you click on it, a pop-up window will appear on the screen of ……

Registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there –

In this screen, a configuration is highlighted in red (currently not visible) -.

Select it and click the Edit button on the right.

A new screen will open –

Registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there –

To do this, select the radio button for the project

Then click OK and log in.

The error disappears and Git works fine.

Solution no. 8:

I had the same problem as above. When I clicked on config under the error message, I realized that all my modules are not in the same folder as the project on my system (in my case it is Windows). Specifically, the module that generated this error was not located in the project folder.

To solve this problem, I simply removed the module from intelliJ by clicking File->Project Structure->Modules in the window that appeared -> select the module causing the error and remove it by clicking the ‘-‘ button. Sign (min).

I added the same module again using the version control system (git in my case) and made sure I selected the correct project folder this time.

or select vcs none.

I hope this helps.

Solution no. 9:

Click on Configuration -> a popup window will open, click on the red colored path to highlight it -> now on the right side -> click on the – button, then apply
and good.
Now click on VCS-> Enable Versioning

You’re done.

Solution no. 10:

to solve your problem, you first need to clone your project, not download it as a zip file on git bash $
$ git clone
and if you want to put it in a new folder do it $
$ git clone
then init project in the path you want to clone $
$ git init
then $
$ git add *.

Good luck!

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