Clocks are no longer instruments that can only observe in time. Modern watches are both smart watches and smart watches that focus on sports and health.

In recent years, the whole field of intelligent watches has been looking for direction. We have investigated which freight routes can be accepted by the market. Today, the package includes the iPhone, Samsung and other brands. Each manufacturer has a clear product positioning.

The main target group of HONOR smartphone users are young people. They love trendy products and cool technologies. They’re full of life force. Compared to HONOR S1, this product pays more attention to the feeling of movement. The ring is designed with obvious and closed bowls. The red word TACHYMETER, meaning movement, is also present.

The HONOR watch has a round AMOLED 1.2 inch touchscreen. Resolution 390 x 390. The presentation of their effects is clean and refined. Since it supports automatic screen brightness adjustment, the screen brightness can be adjusted. This depends on the different lighting conditions. This way it will be comfortable to use.

Whether it’s traditional mechanical watches or intelligent watches, comfort is an important criterion. This is especially true for HONOR watches where sport is central. The question of whether one can dress comfortably enough is of great importance.

The material of this watch is made of stainless steel for the basic version of the case and plastic for the back of the case. According to official data, the hull dimensions are 42,8 × 42,8 × 9,8 mm. It weighs 32.5 g (without the belt).

The black version of the watch strap matches the black and red silicone strap. The Moonlight Silver version is associated with a gravel-brown leather strap.

Smart Watch Evaluation – Tech Splashers

Using the example of the black and red lava red silica gel watch strap to emphasize the importance of the movement, many of the textures of the strap are applied to the front. At the same time, the back is given a single red colour.

The watch strap is equipped with numerous bayonets. This has the advantage of meeting the need to promote more user groups. On the other hand, it can play a good role in breathability. The actual wearing comfort is satisfactory.

As far as the heart rate function is concerned, the watch adopts HUAWEI TruSeen technology.

After the official launch, it uses professional and customizable equipment to determine the heart rate. He has a more accurate pulse control.

It can check your heart rate in real time in training mode. When continuous heart rate monitoring is activated, heart rate data can be determined within 24 hours. This is done without going into practical mode. The results can be presented quickly.

Supports HUAWEI TruSleep Sleep Detection Technology Can determine the user’s sleep/wake time and sleep state (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movements and alertness) It provides users with sleep tips, sleep music to calm them down and improve their sleep habits.

A smart little watch can take care of your health anytime, anywhere. It’s a good experience! The time has come to sell watches in the United Kingdom. You can check to see if there’s anything that’s right for you.

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