How can I correct the error ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH?

1. use the opera

Error: The file name is not specified.

It is important to note that this error mainly occurs in Google Chrome. In this context, it might be time to look for another browser.

Opera focuses on user privacy. So, instead of trying to fix the various problems in the latest version of Chrome, give Opera a chance and get rid of those pesky bugs for good.

Perform a system check for possible errors

Error: The file name is not specified.

Click the Start Scan button to detect problems with Windows.

Error: The file name is not specified.

Click Fix All to correct problems related to proprietary technologies.

Scan the PC with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and delays. Once the scan is complete, the repair process replaces damaged files with new Windows files and components.

Remember that the browser is very popular right now. Whether you use it intensively or just surfing in between. Rest assured, Opera can handle any problem!

Error: The file name is not specified.

Opera Browser

If you want to avoid the error message ERR SSL VERSION or the CIPHER MISMATCH browser, Opera is your best choice!

Adjust the security settings.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Type the following in the search field and press the Enter key: chrome://flags Error! The file name was not specified.
  3. Note the minimum version of SSL/TLS that the registration supports.
  4. Click on it and select SSLv3.
  5. Select the Restart option.
  6. Restart Chrome and try the connection again.

3. disable the fast protocol

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. In the search bar, type chrome://flags/#enable-quicError! The file name is not listed.
  3. Select the first item displayed and change its status to “deactivated”.
  4. Save the changes and restart Chrome.

Clear the SSL Certificate cache.

  1. Press the Win+R hotkey to open the Run window.
  2. Type the following line and press the Enter key: inetcpl.cpl.
  3. The Internet properties are now displayed on your Windows 10 device.
  4. Click on the Content tab.
  5. Click on the “Clear SSL status” button. Error! Filename not specified.
  6. Save your changes and close this window at the end.

By default, Windows saves the SSL certificate history so you can browse faster.

However, this may be the reason why you are getting the SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH warning. Therefore, clear the SSL certificate cache as described above.

Disable SSL scanning from antivirus software.

Error: The file name is not specified.

The problem ERROR 113 NET ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH may be caused by your antivirus program.

So just disable the SSL scanning feature in your security software before trying to connect to the network again.

Here’s how to accomplish this task with one of the most popular antivirus programs:

5.1 BitDefender :

  1. Open the BitDefender interface and go to Settings.
  2. There, go to the “Privacy” section and click on the “Anti-phishing” tab.
  3. Disable SSL authentication.
  4. Other versions of BitDefender may require you to access the protection. Next, in the Web Security section, you will find the SSL Scan feature.

5.2 AWAST :

  1. Open Avast and go to Settings.
  2. Select Active Protect, and under Web Protection, select Configure.
  3. From here you can disable SSL authentication.

5.3 Kaspersky :

  1. Go to the Kaspersky settings page.
  2. From there, go to “Network Settings.”
  3. This step displays the SSL settings.
  4. Just turn off the SSL authentication settings.

Remember that the SSL VERSION ERR error is a security warning that tells you only one thing: you are trying to access a website that you cannot trust.

Therefore, try to disable this warning only if you are sure that you can safely navigate the website in question.

Always use an antivirus or anti-virus program with a range of security features when browsing the Internet. For more information on the best antivirus programs for surfing the Internet, see this helpful list.

It is better to deal with network errors than to lose personal files due to a malware attack.

In any case, the above steps should help you fix the SSL VERSION OF CIPHER MISMATCH ERR error in Google Chrome.

We’d love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below.

FAQ: Learn more about SSL browser errors

  • What does the error code ERR SSL VERSION or CIPHER MISMATCH mean?

This problem means that your browser cannot securely connect to a web server that uses HTTPS and SSL. Learn how to correct the browser error ERR SSL VERSION or CIPHER MISMATCH.

  • How do I get around the SSL error in Chrome?

Switching to another browser, such as Opera, can get you out of trouble in no time. Check out all the solutions in our article on troubleshooting secure SSL.

  • How can I fix a secure connection error in Firefox?

You can use a VPN to get out of this situation. For information on how to solve this problem, see our article on SSL_error_rx_record_too_long in Firefox.

Error: The file name is not specified.
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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in October 2017 and was revised and updated in February 2021 to ensure timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

Frequently asked questions

What is the error code Err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch?

The ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error occurs when the user’s browser cannot securely connect to a web server that uses HTTPS and SSL. The problem may be related to the server configuration or may be local to the user’s computer.

How do I get SSL status in Chrome 2020?

How to make… Kinsta…

How do I get rid of an SSL connection error in Chrome?

How to fix “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” for Google Chrome

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