To attract more users to its cloud-based instant messaging solution, Telegram announced a new voice chat feature that allows group members to chat in real time without having to type in their contacts individually.

This new feature is designed to allow everyone to participate in a voice chat meeting, where users can chat and live briefly with other people, instead of just appearing at the scheduled time.

In this article we will help you understand the new Voice Chat feature, how it works and how to start using it right away.

What is the purpose of the new Telegram Voice Chat?

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Telegram has created a new community voice chat feature that allows group members to chat with each other in real time, in a discussion stream that runs parallel to text and media sharing. The new voice chat mechanism will be versatile and offer the same simplicity as phone calls, as users don’t have to organize phone calls and anyone in the community who is online can participate in the conversation.

It is up to the individual group members to decide whether they want to discuss or if they want to limit themselves to sending texts or group media. However, users will also be able to switch between telegraphic applications, view discussion topics and send messages to other users using the current voice chat.

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In case you don’t know: Telegrams can have up to 200,000 users, far more than any other popular application. But can everyone in such a community use the new voice chat feature? No, I don’t think so.

Telegram says it will be able to receive several thousand participants thanks to the new voice chat feature, which in itself is more than enough for large family groups, offices and even some live events.

Where can I use the telegram voice chat function?

The last voice chat option in Telegram is a feature that will be available on different platforms in the messaging application. You can use this function on the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10
  • macOS

To start a voice chat

You must make sure that you are the administrator of the community you want to chat to before starting a voice chat.

Unlike WhatsApp, which tells all members of the community who the group administrator is, Telegram does not let non-administrators know who the group administrator is. However, if you are one of the administrators of the Telegram Community, you will see the admin tag next to your name in the group profile.

If you are sure you are a Telegram Group Administrator, go to the newsgroup you want to start and click on the group profile at the top of the thread.

A list of all group members is now displayed. Tap the three-point icon in the upper right corner to start a voice chat in this community and select Start Voice Chat.

The dialog box that appears on your computer asks you to confirm that you want to develop Voice Chat. Here Telegram has a nice little feature that allows only group administrators to talk during voice chat, while only non administrators can listen. Select the Only Administrators Can Communicate check box to allow this feature for administrators only, and then click Create.

As part of the party a voice chat will start.

How to participate in a Telegraphic Voice Chat

Only after the group administrator has set the voice chat, you can enter the voice chat on Telegram. Once the voice chat has been created, a new voice chat line will appear at the top of the group theme below the group profile. The number of people actually participating in the voice chat is also displayed on this line.
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You can enter the voice chat into the telegram community at any time as long as you are authorized to do so. If the group administrator has enabled Only Administrators can chat, you can only listen to conversations between administrators if you are not one of the group administrators. If you are one of the moderators, or if only the moderators can talk in a disabled way, you can participate in the discussion just like everyone else.

Click on the Join button in the upper right corner of the community topic to participate in the voice chat. The Join button opens on the right side of the voice chat panel at the top.

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When you click the Join button, Telegram puts you in contact with other voice chat participants.

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Inviting friends to participate in a voice chat on thetelegram

Anyone can enter the voice chat within the community, unless the Admin only option is enabled. You can invite them to participate in a voice chat you are connected to if someone you know (in a group) has not participated in a voice chat or is not online.

To invite your friends to participate in a live chat by following the steps above, you must first create or participate in a live chat yourself. Click the Invite Participant button at the top of the voice chat screen after entering the voice chat and select the community member you want to invite to the voice chat.

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This allows an invited participant to quickly and easily take part in a group discussion.

How to speak during a telephone call on the telegram

Your microphone stays off when you make or join a voice chat on Telegram. The microphone button on the bottom lights up blue when the microphone is off. Press the Microphone button on the bottom of the chat panel to broaden the microphone and start talking.
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The microphone button turns green when you click it to mute the sound during the voice chat, and everyone entering the voice chat can now hear your voice.
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You can now start a conversation in the voice chat and other chat participants can see what you are saying every time you speak. In the voice chat you can even browse through the list of people to see who’s talking and who’s listening.

Are you excited about Telegram’s new voice chat feature? Please let us know in the comments below.

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