How To Get Over A Plateau

Earlier this year I was struggling with the progression of my weight loss. Despite upping my weights, doing more cardio and eating more carbs I was stuck in a plateau for months.

I tried it all, different types of exercises in all forms, intensities, and endurance. Although my body was looking more toned the fat layer just seemed to stay in place.

It was starting to destroy the self-confidence I had gained from the weight loss

So how did I solve this pesky issue?

I changed my diet.

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The Back Story

I wasn’t actively seeking to change my diet, it was a fluke.

In fact, I was reading a study about the effects of gluten causing adult acne. Which I had pretty bad.

I changed to a gluten free diet and there were numerous other side effects. These included clear skin, more energy, and less bloating.

Bloating that was causing me to plateau.

Watching The Pounds Melt Off

As I progressed with this new diet, the pounds were melting off like nothing before. I’ve noticed a big reduction in my trouble areas and my confidence has come completely back.

I’ve had never been happier with my weight loss progression.

I just wanted to share with those who have hit a plateau this can mean a plethora of things. However changing exercises, going up on weights, adding reps, and changing your diet are all great places to start.

Stay motivated, stay healthy.

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Inner Thigh Burner Workout

Here’s a great workout I’ve been enjoying lately, as I continue to lose weight. If you love an at home workout that gives you the burning sensation then this is perfect for you!


Standing Side Leg lifts

Image result for Side Leg Lifts

I love to incorporate this as part of my warm-up or alternate this exercise between cardio sets.

Bonus: Standing Leg Lifts will help train on balance and engage the obliques.

3 reps of 30 on each side.

Leg Lift Set

Side Leg Lifts

Image result for Side Leg Lifts

The higher you lift your leg the more of a stretch you will feel and more engaged your obliques will be.

Do these as a set with the below exercise or by itself in 3 rep of 30 on each side.

 Thigh Leg Lifts

Image result for thigh raises

Personally, I like to do these as part of a set with the above exercise to engage the whole midsection.

I found this can be difficult with “sharp hips” try to position yourself on your stomach to hold most of the weight there.

Try by itself in 3reps of 30 on each side.

Leg Lift Set

20 leg lifts on each side

20 thigh lifts on each side

25 leg lifts on each side

25 thigh lifts on each side

30 leg lifts on each side

30 thigh lifts on each side

**If you are more advanced use a resistance band.**

Now I will agree with you that the first part of the workout barely broke a sweat. Here’s where it gets difficult.

Thigh Burner Superset

Plie Squats

Image result for plie squats

The trick to this exercise is to point your toes and flair your knees in motion. Try to keep your centre balance and a straight back. You should feel the burn in your inner thighs. If you don’t position yourself to be centred.

Try alone in a set of 30.

Raised V Splits

How To Lose Thigh Fat in A Week At Home

For this next exercise, you are going to raise your legs up together and let them fall to your sides in wide “V”.

The wider the “V” the more you will feel it in your hamstrings and inner thighs. The slower you go the more of a burn you will feel.

**If you are more advanced try this with a resistance band.**

Try alone in a set of 30.

Reverse Tabletop Pilates Pose

Image result for lying on back pilates poses

I couldn’t find a picture that was actually what I wanted to depict but the above (1st image) is close and this will be the finishing finale in the thigh burner superset.

Lay on your back with both of your legs in the air (like the photo above) at a 90-degree angle apart. For best results, your legs should be over your butt to feel the progressive burn. I like to keep my legs a foot apart. Keep your back and head flat to the ground and your arms at your sides or behind your head (ignore the second photo).

As the burn starts to creeps up on you wiggle your toes to distract yourself. This Pilates exercise is great for the inner thighs and lowers core.

Hold this pose for 90 seconds to 2 minutes or complete as part of the superset.


I dare you to complete this superset twice!

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DIY Teeth Whitening

If you drink copious amount of coffee and tea, like me. Then you are well acquainted with the only negative side effect of drink caffeine–staining.

Yes, you can drink your coffee with a straw but I feel like the public is too judgemental when it comes to such things (kind of like socks and sandals).

Thus, this easy at home remedy will help you when you need to bring your pearly whites up a notch.


What You Need:

Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide

A bowl

A spoon

A toothbrush


Hydrogen Peroxide

For those who are concerned about putting hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. The store only sells it in 3% bottles and it is safe to put in your mouth. If you drink the whole bottle I would be concerned.

If you suffer from plaque built up hydrogen peroxide is a great way to soften it for removal.

The Application

Mix equal parts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until you have a smooth paste.  Pack the paste onto a toothbrush and press onto your teeth, I recommend working from the back to front doing the bottom jaw first (view photo below).

IMG_4512 (2)

Disclaimer: This part is really messy.

Allow up to ten minutes and then rinse your mouth out. Try your best not to swallow any product.

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My, My, 1000!

Dear Subscribers,

I just want to take a moment and appreciate those who have supported me and Lidsandtricks.

My baby has made some friends!

1,000 Follows!

Together, we hit a big milestone this week! 1000 subscribers to Lidsandtricks.

Thank-you for all of your follows, likes, and comments. You guys are the ones who make up this unique community and Lidsandtricks wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for your continuous support.

We grow together and this is only the start of something bigger. Thank you for the love and thank you for the support.

Yours Truly,


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Indie Makeup Brands I Want

Black Moon Cosmetics is a  vegan and cruelty-free brand. They started in 2015 on the holographic trend and have since been making quality lip and eye products.

They offer two types of lips product: metal liquid lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks. These products come in curated sets for approximately $42.00 CAD or sold as singles for $23.00 CAD. Black Moon Cosmetics takes pride in their products being kiss-proof but not make out proof. All lip products are 100% alcohol-free.

Black Moon Cosmetics offers an array of eye shadows or should I say liquid eye shadows. There are in similar packaging to the liquid lipsticks and are paraben and gluten free. They claim that they can be used as an eye shadow base and or liner. This eye shadows retail for $24.00 CAD.

Black Moon Cosmetics will ship internationally and are active on social media @blackmooncosmetics.

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Chapter 1: Have You Worked In A Hotel Before?

Have you ever worked in a hotel before?

This question, although simple holds significance in the hotel industry. It seems like no matter what kind of property you work at anywhere in the world, there will be one questions you will be asked over and over again. Have you worked in a hotel before?

Have you worked in a hotel before?

It took me a long time to understand why my co-workers were so concerned with my experience or lack of when I was starting out. As time went on, I watched as many new hires got drilled with this question. Then I switched properties and  it became a broken record from every new person I met “Have you worked in a hotel before?”

It took a long time to realize that my co-workers weren’t interested in my resume. They were more concern with my integrity if s*** hit the fan–and it will.

In the front of house hotels occur to be well-oiled machines, but behind the scene, that’s a completely different story. Often you will find yourself in questionable situations that no one told you about or trained you for.

If I  were to break it down it would look like 50% emergency response, 20% service recovery, and 30% full moon syndrome. Working in a hotel is far more than check in, check out, and housekeeping services.

At the end of it all, you question your problem-solving skills, your morals, and most of all your integrity.

You ask yourself why do I continue to work in this industry?

For some, this is too much and they throw in the towel. A new hire comes along to take their place and the cycle starts all over again. When introducing yourself you ask them “Have you worked in a hotel before?”

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