In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, technology has become an integral and very important part of business. Many innovative technology-based business solutions have emerged that have helped improve business performance. The amount of data can be overwhelming and challenging for many businesses, so efforts to keep it under control are increasing. Technology has thus become an essential component of sustainable and cost-effective decision-making, including financial management.

Business Intelligence Tools

Over time, companies collect huge amounts of data. Using business intelligence tools makes sense with these massive amounts of data. These tools collect, update and present data to help decision makers grow businesses. Companies that use business intelligence techniques generally make faster and better-informed decisions – five times faster than companies without such business intelligence capabilities – helping to improve a company’s financial health. The ability to automate certain routine tasks helps companies focus on more important issues and ultimately gives them more financial freedom. The challenge is to choose the best business intelligence tool that works best for your business. Knowing some of today’s best business intelligence tools will put your business on the road to success.


The OCT-Bon has very useful image processing functions. The term OCT comes from the initials OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR has the ability to recognize and extract text from images, so it can help you process or save this data. This is very useful for processing scans or text images, especially for important business data such as invoices, scanned forms and signage.

One of the most popular applications is data entry. Manually entering information into a computer is time consuming, especially if it is done on a regular basis, like office work. With Inbound STO, you can easily copy data and complete expense reports to manage your finances more effectively and efficiently.

Tech-Based Business Solutions That Will Improve The Way You Manage Your Finances

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite is a type of business management software designed for small and large businesses. This platform provides small businesses with easy-to-use, scalable and flexible business solutions with ERP, CRM, e-commerce and PSA functionality. On the other hand, it helps big companies by taking their chance. This cuts costs in half, reduces time to financial close from 20% to 50% and improves time from quote to payment by 50%.

Zoho analysis

Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence and data analysis software. It enables users to visually analyze their data, create stunning data visualizations and discover hidden information in minutes. This platform also converts massive amounts of data into actionable reports and dashboards. It facilitates the collection of data from different sources and combines them into cross-sectional reports to show the performance of companies in different departments.

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP is considered one of the best business intelligence tools. It has the most useful solutions in advanced and analytical services. SAP Business Intelligence capabilities include real-time predictive BI analysis, machine learning, planning and analysis capabilities. This tool offers reporting and analytics, data visualization, analysis preparation, desktop integration and mobile analytics, among others.


As a cloud-based business intelligence tool, Chartio can be used by anyone to collect and analyze data using Visual SQL. This means that users do not have to learn how to program. This platform enables data analytics for everyone from engineers to sales professionals. It also provides access to ongoing support and training for businesses impacted by technology.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free web service from Google. It has a user-friendly feature that enables intuitive design of business intelligence. The tool works very well with data from Google itself, such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Youtube analytics and many others. Google Data Studio offers a range of display options.

Microsoft Power BI

As one of the fastest growing BI platforms, Microsoft Power BI is a modern and versatile tool designed to work with any data, from anywhere, at any time and on any device. It not only supports business services, desktops and networks, but also provides the mobile applications needed for data analysis, navigation and reporting.


Sisense’s powerful analytics platform provides users with fast, actionable information. This platform provides consistent data from all sources. It collects, integrates and visualizes this data to enable better data management. It also provides real-time data flow with intuitive reports and dashboards. Other platform features include AI, business performance management, web analytics, data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics.

Centre point

Just as marketing, sales and services software should work, Hubspot offers a complete CRM platform with tools and integrations to meet user needs. This platform has flexible and powerful content management software that helps marketers and developers. It has a sales software that allows a better understanding of the prospect. It also allows the user to automate tasks.


Pentaho is an open-source commercial solution tool that focuses on accurate, data-driven business decisions. The platform includes Big Data integration, data mining and predictive data analysis. It also supports the cloud and provides interactive analytics. It helps users to collect and manage data from various dynamic sources and turn this big data into information.

The transition to modernity, not to mention the global crisis we are facing, has changed the business landscape, at least for much of the world. More and more people are turning to technology to manage their business and make the most of it to personalize and manage their finances. These forms of business technology solutions make life easier for companies and provide users with additional knowledge that not only helps them in their work, but also relieves the company of financial burden. We need to make the most of these tools and keep learning.

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