Online marketing has become very popular in recent years. Terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising = Google Ads) have become indispensable today and should not be forgotten in any online marketing mix.

SEO and SEA belong to search engine marketing (SEM), which is a sub-area of ​​online marketing. The aim of the SEM is to take measures that contribute to attracting visitors to the website via search engines.

Search engine advertising has become an indispensable task, because most websites are found via Google & Co. The visitors make a first impression on the search results pages and get general information before they decide on a website

SEO – definition of terms

The term search engine optimization means the optimization of the website. The website is programmed, aligned and structured according to the guidelines of the search engines and the user experience and thus also according to user expectations. The aim of SEO is to get the relevance of the search engine with certain search terms and an optimally aligned website. The results are listed according to their relevance to the entered search query and thus the best answer to the search queries. Every search engine has its own algorithm to evaluate a website according to a variety of criteria. The results are described as organic search results because they are placed without any outside intervention.

The optimization of the website is divided into three areas:

  • OnPage
  • OnSite
  • OffPage

all together influence the ranking of the website.

SEO is a long term process. Successes, i.e. improved placements, often take days or months. Because a one-time optimization is not enough. The search engines are constantly developing their algorithms and receiving new updates. These updates re-optimize the website. In addition, there is also strong competition. This means that secure placement can never be guaranteed in the long term without further optimization measures being implemented.

SEA – definition of terms

With Google AdWords it is less important how the website is structured or designed. Campaigns with various ad groups are created here using the Google AdWords system. These ad groups have topic-specific search terms which, when entered in the search line, trigger the display to appear. Google Ads can be seen either above, below or to the right of the organic search results. They are also marked with the word “Advertisement”.

In contrast to the organic search results, the position of a Google ad can be influenced and the costs controlled. With the correct daily budget and a good Quality Score, ad rank is calculated. The quality factor is an estimate of the quality of the ad with the stored keywords for the user experience with the specified landing page.

While clicking on a link in the organic results does not cost any money, the advertiser at SEA pays for each click on the link that leads to their website. The price for this click is based on the current value for the search term. This value is calculated on a daily basis according to supply and demand, so that different amounts occur here. However, the advertiser has the option of setting a daily budget that is not exceeded. This keeps the expenses clear and calculated.

Since many search engine users still think “first result is best,” they often click on the expensive ads so that ads can quickly cost a lot of money to run. The competition can also click on the ad multiple times until the daily budget is used up and your ad is no longer displayed for the rest of the day.

SEA therefore requires continuous funding and very good budget management.


Both SEO and SEA have their place of activity in the search results of the Google search engine. The big difference lies in the type of billing and the presentation of the results. Both variants follow the same marketing strategy – top ranking on the first search results page! Yet they are so different in execution and success.

SEO is a long-term process that doesn’t stand still, because Google wants to satisfy the user with its search results and thus tries to improve the user experience even further. With these updates in the algorithm, the measures in SEO are constantly being adapted. SEO is therefore a temporary optimization process, as implemented measures do not always achieve the desired success immediately. These measures must first be recognized and registered by Google. In the long term, however, it is the better plan because the effort should pay for itself over time.

SEA is a short-term measure and supports websites that advertise a campaign or want to become known as a startup. Visitors can be directed to the website quickly. Depending on how strong the competition is, the click price per search term can be very expensive. Depending on the time of day and the keyword, ads can be very expensive and therefore cost a lot more than top seo companies in delhi.


– unpaid search – paid search
– long-term – High control over keywords and ad texts
– Ranking based on the Google algorithm – can be set up and started quickly
– Mobile-optimized site is now mandatory – Costs depend on supply and demand
– Ease of use is important – full budget control



SEA is a short-term measure to further expand the website through SEO in the ranking. This gives the company the opportunity to reduce its budget in the SEA over time and to invest in SEO in the long term. If you have any questions or need support in SEA or SEO , please give us a call. SEO vs. SEA we support you in both areas!


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