The new year has come and you need to think about some of the resolutions you want to try to achieve. Whether it’s fitness, health or the latest connected gadgets to help you in today’s hectic world.

The world today is highly technological, so it’s no surprise that technological gadgets have reached the height of New Year’s resolutions, simply because they can help us stay fit, healthy and connected to the world around us.

Fortunately, thanks to Huawei’s extensive line of smartphones, audio devices, laptops and tablets, the New Year is less scary than ever when it comes to your resolution. Here’s a little insight into how some of Huawei’s most popular gadgets can help you create and keep your New Year’s solutions.

Fit, healthy and stylish

If you want to stay fit and healthy in the new year, you’ll find it easier with Huawei devices such as the flagship HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro and the premium collection HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase. The two devices work harmoniously together. Simply connect the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase Collection to the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro to track and monitor your health and fitness during training. This can be viewed via the HUAWEI Health application, one of HUAWEI’s identification services installed on your smartphone.

If you want to have fun with the music during your workout, you can find it in the HUAWEI music streaming application and play it through the HUAWEI Sound X speaker by simply tapping the speaker box for an intense and stimulating workout. With over 100 sports modes, you can also keep track of your fitness every time you train (including swimming) because the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moonphase Collection supports a water resistance of 5 ATM* – up to 50 metres deep! You don’t have to worry about taking your watch off.

*Leather belts are not waterproof *

Go to step

It’s not just about exercise and training, but walking also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro and HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro moon phase collection can tell you how many steps you’ve taken, and the WATCH GT 2 Pro can even tell you how much time you have left to reach your goal.

Both devices can encourage you to take the stairs or get off the bus one or two stops early. It’s all right! What’s more, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase collection sits on your wrist and buzzes with joy when you reach a new record!

Knowing your vital functions

Most smart watches are equipped with various health and fitness monitoring functions, and the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Lunar Phase is no exception; on the contrary, it can even be considered an improvement in this respect.

Huawei’s new and improved version of the latest TruSeen 4.0+ technology and the SpO2 monitoring function for 24/7 health monitoring give you intelligent memories when your heart rate is above or below normal.

All this data is stored and can be accessed via the HUAWEI Health application installed on your phone and smartphone.

Sleeping is mandatory

We also know that we need decent sleep to stay healthy and fit. The HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 technology pre-installed on the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase collection measures sleep quality and includes real-time heart rate monitoring, breathing during sleep and Big Data analysis.

You can also keep track of your relaxation data with HUAWEI’s TruRelax technology, which provides pressure monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep you relaxed at all times.

Stay connected

We need to stay in touch; many of us nowadays have smartphones, headsets, laptops, tablets that we use in different scenarios. Even if each device works well and helps us do our job, wouldn’t it be better to use multiple devices at the same time?

Huawei has a range of devices that can be connected to each other to give us a very personal user experience.

HUAWEI’s latest flagship smartphone, the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, as well as the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase Collection smartphones, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro earphones, the HUAWEI Sound X speaker system and the HUAWEI MateBook X and HUAWEI MatePad Pro series of notebooks and tablets can all be used simultaneously to enrich our experience.

This includes HUAWEI ID cloud computing services such as HUAWEI Health, HUAWEI Music, HUAWEI Video and HUAWEI Themes, which are interwoven with products that play an important role in improving the overall experience and connecting us all to the things and people around us.

Thanks to the OneTap function in HUAWEI Share, you can now listen to the sound of your smartphone with a simple push of the speaker. This intuitive method not only makes the task easier and simpler, but also saves time for manual pairing of devices.

Another great feature is multi-screen sharing, which allows you to transfer an image from your phone screen to your laptop with a single touch. As soon as streaming begins, a world of endless possibilities opens up for you. You can use your laptop to edit files on your smartphone, watch movies on the big screen of your laptop, make video calls, play games and much more!

All these devices and services can be authenticated with a single Huawei ID, allowing access to cloud services such as HUAWEI Music, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Themes, HUAWEI AppGallery, etc.

Connecting Huawei smart devices creates an ecosystem and cloud services that you can access from any of your Huawei devices. It has never been easier to stay fit, healthy and in touch.

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