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Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

Nothing beats roller coasters, especially in the new theme parks.
Just before the climb, the stress that accumulates during free fall and curves is released when the riders scream and weightlessness is the best experience you can have.
According to the roller coaster database, roller coasters can be divided into two categories: Steel and wooden support. In this position we will only deal with the steel roller coaster.
Here is a list of the 10 biggest roller coasters in the world in 2020:

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Amusement park on Royal Island, Mason, Ohio, USA.
  • Speed: 91 miles per hour

The new Kings Island roller coaster has become one of seven giant slides (300-399 m high or downhill).
Runners fall to an initial depth of 300 feet and stay on the other seven courses and the 5,321-foot course at an average speed of up to 3 minutes.
These and other Banshee and Diamondback roller coasters were built by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) only for Kings Island.
The minimum stand height is 54 inches.

9. Lever handle 305: 305-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Dominion Kings, Dooswell, Virginia, USA.
  • Speed: 90 miles per hour

The Intimidator 305 is the second giant steel roller coaster built in North America. It’s located in King’s Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia.
It was inaugurated in 2010 and reaches a height of 93 meters, the highest.
The first fall is 91 meters high and the maximum angle of fall is 85 degrees.
The first corner of the ride was significantly redesigned after the first season to reduce the grey spots and power failures that many riders experienced during this exciting ride.
The owners of the amusement park have invested 25 million dollars in the construction of this roller coaster.
It is named after the late NASCAR pilot Dale Ernhardt, who was nicknamed Intimidator.
This roller coaster is no less frightening as both are the highest and give you an adrenaline rush of 140 km/hour.

8. Leviathan: 306-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Wonderland of Canada, Vaughan, Ontario.
  • Speed: 92 miles per hour

Look no further if you’re an ambitious thrill seeker looking for Canada’s highest and fastest roller coaster.
Leviathan takes you on a journey through life, just as his name is a mystical being.
With an incredible descent of 80 degrees the riders were able to climb the highest peak of this latest giant roller coaster.
The Leviathan stands at a breathtaking height of 93 metres and is located in the Wonderland amusement park in Vaughn, Ontario, with a fall of equal length.
Introduced in 2012, it has a top speed of 148 km/h (the eighth fastest roller coaster in the world).
The steel coil has a lot of crazy drops along the way.

7. Forces of the millennium: 300-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, United States.
  • Speed: 93 miles per hour.

The Millennium Force is a roller coaster in the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, USA.
Since its opening in 1964, the Blue Strip has been the 14th largest strip in the city. The roller coaster.
When the Millennium Force began in 2000, it set six world records and became the world’s first giga ship station.
It has an altitude difference of 91 meters, giving it a top speed of 150 km/h.
The Fury 325, a 325-metre tall mammoth that made its debut in 2015 at Sister Cedar Point, Carowinds property in Charlotte, North Carolina, has surpassed the Millenium Force title of best steel roller coaster for six consecutive years.

6. Steel Dragon 2000: 307-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Nagashima Spa Country, Mi Prefecture, Japan.
  • Speed: 95 miles per hour

This roller coaster has a much simpler linear structure than a high-speed train, which travels at a top speed of 153 km/h on a winding downhill trajectory.
It was not called Dragon because of its design, but it was opened in 2000, the Year of the Dragon.
This 97 meter high steel roller coaster is located in Nagashima Spa Land, Japan, and has a maximum height difference of 93 meters and two tunnels.

5. Anger 325: 320-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.
  • Speed: 95 miles per hour

Fury 325 is a roller coaster in Charlotte, the amusement park North Carolina.
In Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, the new Fury 325 roller coaster rises above the Statue of Liberty, descends at an 81-degree angle and turns your stomach.
While driving, drivers reach speeds of up to 153 km/h and experience extreme G-forces due to the tight curves combined with the high speed.
Rage 325 attracts many people by going under and over the main entrance of the park.
As mentioned before, Rage 325, who won the Millennium Force Six Year Series, won the title of Best Steel Roller Coaster and Best Roller Coaster four years in a row.

4. Red current: 367-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • The world of PortAventura, Salou, Catalonia, Spain
  • Speed: 112 miles per hour.

The Red Force is the fastest and highest roller coaster in Europe. The sudden acceleration of the attraction colors the height of the summit.
The Trill Ikers have their maximum speed of 180 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 2 seconds, where they are pulled in first gear by an enormous horizontal force G 1,35.
As the roller coaster descends, the people on board feel the pressure of the 4G down before they have time to scream, fall or understand.
In the Spanish theme park PortAventura, the Red Power is the starting point for the recently discovered Ferrari country.
The design of the car, which simulates the appearance of a Formula 1 car, ensures that the car is driven as fast as a real Formula 1 car.

3. Superman: Escape from Krypton: 328.1-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Six flags: Magic Mountain, Valencia, California.
  • Speed: 106.9 miles per hour.

The first reverse freefall roller coaster, designed and built by Intamin in the late 1990s, was the first ride around the world to break the 160 km/h barrier and the highest roller coaster in the world.
It is still the third highest roller coaster in the world. Even now. It was opened in 1997 and is still in operation today.
It has a height of 126.5 meters and a height difference of 108.2 meters.
This exciting race reaches a top speed of just over 167 km/h. Just like SUPERMAN, you take off at a 90 degree angle and climb the track to a total height of 415 feet!
This roller coaster not only has a strong acceleration, but also combines weightlessness with the experience of free fall, which makes this ride so unique and attractive.

2. Top Shaking Dragster: 400-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, United States.
  • Speed: 120 miles per hour

The second largest Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster is located in Cedar Point, Ohio.
Climbing requires a hydraulic start of 17 seconds, which is still enough to deter even the bravest adventurers.
It was inaugurated in 2003 with a total height of 130 metres and an altitude difference of 120 metres. In just 3.8 seconds this grandstand reaches the astonishing speed of 190 km/h.

1. Somehow Ka: 418-West

Top 10 of the world’s largest roller coasters

  • Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, USA.
  • Speed: 128 miles per hour

Kingda Ka is on the Big Six Flag Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, the highest roller coaster in the world.
Opened in 2005, with a total height of 139 meters and a direct vertical, 127 meters difference in heartbeats is a world record.
It reaches its crazy top speed of 206 km/h in a short time of 3.5 seconds, which is more than any sports bike or fast car.

There are many of the world’s largest coasters available for Americans on their weekends off.



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