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Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

I’m just a horror movie fanatic. I’ve seen all the stupidest supernatural thrillers, even the scariest so-called movies of all time.
I saw how they tested my courage; unfortunately none of them ever frightened me.
These days horror movies are full of jokes.
Relying on the fear of jumping to distract himself from the lack of narrative quality, the acting and the superficial dialogues are so bad that you might think he is a high school student writing fiction for English class.
If you’re planning to see new supernatural horrors this weekend and you’re ready to explore them outside of Hollywood,
There are 10 of the best ghost movies ever made:

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 5/10
Film quality – 6.5/10

Serious case 2 is an old school horror based on a real incident.
The course of action is as follows:
A single mother with poor children, fatherless, helpless and frankly depressed, lives in Enfield London and witnesses the presence of an evil spirit in her home.
So they contacted the paranormal researchers that Ed and Lorraine Warren had brought together to help them.
Later it turns out that the spirit of the old man is manipulated by a more powerful demon who wants something more sinister from Lorraine.
The same demonic essence in Conjuring-2 also appears in the franchise’s recently released film Prequel (2018), but the fear in Conjuring-2 is much greater, just like in the ghost film.
Director James Van has brought here a masterpiece that undoubtedly deserves a place on our list.

9. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) – Korean film

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 6.5/10
Film quality – 6.5/10

The story of the two sisters is based on the famous story of the Korean spirits.

What did I like about this movie?
Unlike Hollywood horror, it is the use of large fucks and delicious symbols with impeccable planning and imagery.
It is undoubtedly a good film and an example of what the Korean horror genre can achieve.
The beginning is a slow and simple film impression that allows you to think about what is going to happen and when it is going to happen.
At a certain point, this trend seems to disappear over time and people begin to take an interest in history.
After a while he reaches half of the film and doesn’t explain much about the plot, which makes you curious about his strange story.
The climax is approaching and you keep joining in and need more and more knowledge about the story of Sumi and Xuyong (the two sisters).
All these stories lead to a very balanced story without excessive use of horror film techniques such as jumping out of fear or splashing.
This awareness creates a film in perfect harmony with the daring dialogues of Sumi’s character and the personality change she deals with, leading to a good alchemy that allows you to ask questions right up to the last moment.

8. Poltergeist Trilogy (1982,1986,1988)

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 5/10
Film quality – 7.5/10

What can one say about a series of films that in itself is cursed while filming.
The curse known as the poltergeist curse is a plague associated with this series of poltergeist horror films.
In many versions of the urban legend, all the actors have passed, while others have claimed three real deaths as a result of the curse.
In fact, only four actors died, two died in an amazing way, while two others died of natural causes.
Unusual events would have occurred during the shooting of three films. It is clear that a curse is a truth or a coincidence.
The poltergeist in folklore refers to the spirits of the dead accused of making inexplicable noise and moving objects around the house.
Each of the three film series tells an episode of the lives of the self-employed and the terrible events they encounter when communicating with the supernatural.
There is no doubt that today, in 2020, this old classic horror film should still be ranked eighth on our list of paranormal films, because, by earlier standards, it is ahead of its time.

7. Tumbbad (2018)-Indian film

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 7/10
Film quality – 9/10

This film has the most original story I have seen in a long time, not specifically the horror genre, but rather a psychological thriller.
The screenwriters made the film during the second part of British India and the sets from this period give the plot a visual aspect of authenticity.
The story goes like this: Disaster strikes a little boy named Vinayak, his encounter with a cursed old ogre (his imprisoned grandmother) who knows how to bury the treasure puts him on the path of greed.
He tries to investigate a local legend about a divine demon named Hastar and his gold medals, but he stops at his mother’s house, I swear.
Now the adult Vinayak (after the death of his mother) becomes obsessed with the treasure hunt.
Little by little, his obsession turns him into a cold-blooded opportunist.
Why did I like this movie?
Some moments in the film are grotesque, but we cannot neglect the details they have captured.
The scenes on the screen are surprisingly impressive.
From an intriguing rainy exterior to an old ancestral house, hidden above a disturbing mystery, the screenshots are like an artistic masterpiece.
Many thanks to the director and the creative team for making what I think is the best and worst horror film ever made in Bollywood (the Indian film industry).
Several scenes from the second half of the film take place in the living (yes) belly of the earth, and these parts are especially impressive for the pure creative spirit and imagination on screen.
The end will leave you in a state of sorrow and despair with a lesson in greed.

6. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 7.5/10
Film quality – 7/10

In October 1994, three students made a film that disappeared into the woods near Burkitzville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary.
A year later, someone finds his file.
The second half of the 79 minutes of the Blair the Witch project was removed from this recording, and everything was recorded with portable video cameras and a 16mm camera.
The clips unfold as if, after talking to different inhabitants about the Blair Witch, they go to a nearby forest to make a film about places related to the story (the story includes a witch who steals and executes two children and adults).
They get lost, and terrible things happen every night. Mud appears in their camp.
At that moment Jesus disappears and a bouquet of branches is delivered containing what they think is part of his body.
Finally, at night, two surviving filmmakers come across a lonely and dilapidated house from which groans and screams emerge. They’re eager to explore undefined sounds.
Then the camera falls to the ground and a credit check.
As you watch the film, you find yourself in a constant state of fear and anxiety, with heavy heartbeats between scenes.
This film set a new standard for psychological horror video cameras, which has inspired other film classics, such as the Paranormal Activities series (2007 to be presented).
Yet it is one of the scariest ghost movies, which reduces the idea of obsessively involving a demon or a terrifying ghost.

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 6.5/10
Film quality – 9.5/10

Instead, to tell the story, I go to the director and play this movie.
It is necessary to see the exorcist several times in order to understand his personality, to maintain all dialogue between them and to appreciate the art and the attention to the staging.
The more you watch this movie, the scarier it gets, because the more you watch this movie, the better you can understand what’s going on.
The film holds up well until today, in 2020, because the director has created and maintained an atmosphere of dreamy bitterness, even in the silent scenes with extraordinary mental horror and absolute killer sounds, which is unparalleled to this day.
Scenes are never really solved and don’t end as expected.
No wonder this Oscar-winning classic still frightens us and serves as a reference among Hollywood horror films released after him.

4. Ring (1998) – Japanese film

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 5/10
Film quality – 7/10

Before you say anything, let me get the record straight.
We don’t compare Western and Japanese ghosts here.
Compared to the Hollywood remake of The Ring, the original Japanese version of the horror is not so scary in my opinion.
However, a very good sense of fear develops in him and it is very deeply rooted in his history.
As a cinematic essence, the spectre of Western cinema has changed over the years compared to its Asian counterparts in the way filmmakers have chosen to frighten you.
The ghosts in western movies jump in on you and create a terrible (2 seconds) moment of impact.
A few days before the release of this mode, the ghosts did not know that they were afraid to show themselves, and it was rather the tension created by the plot.
Directors of photography have abandoned this method in favour of frightening spirits who confront the computer-generated image and take everything apart.
Speaking of history, this is how it goes:
Journalist Reiko’s niece was found dead with three friends after watching a reportedly cursed videotape, and she decided to investigate.
With her ex, Ryuji, Reiko finds the tape, looks at it and receives a phone call advising her to die within seven days.
Determined to understand the curse, Reiko and Ryuji find the story in the video and try to solve an old murder that could break the curse.

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 8/10
Film quality – 9.5/10

The Witch is third on our list of best ghost movies and is one of those fantastic horror movies you’ll love.
Instead of relying on fear, too cold images or exhausted adrenaline, this film resembles a ride on a roller coaster.
Led by Eggers, he took the audience to New England in the 1630s in his remarkable early days.
It takes a witch long enough to mix the excitement and generate the devilish heat, until in the last few minutes alone you realize how awful things are turning into awful things.
In the beginning there are some disturbing, even terrible scenes, but they are not so surprising, but on the contrary, they create a constant tension.
The story begins in your head with the first unknown fear of something invisible.
He sends a tube in his back with his stiff air of anticipation and a sense of mystery that raises questions you’re not sure you want to answer.
I strongly advise you to watch this film if you are looking for a realistic and at the same time terribly spooky film of modern cinematography.

2. Exorcism of Emily Rose (2015)

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Panic saturation – 6/10
Film quality – 9.5/10

It is often said that cinemas and digital screens act as a wall to distinguish the real world from the film world.
But when you see something on the screen that resonates strongly with what we know is real, other thoughts, experiences and emotions bubble up in your consciousness.
Especially when it’s terrible, you’re not doing well. It’s a film about a clergyman accused of killing a 22-year-old girl who died in an exorcism.
She comes from a decent Catholic family, but at university she is confronted with satanic possessions and fights the forces of evil within her.
The lawyer-anotary will support the priest, while the prosecutor insults the Methodist.
The question boils down to whether Emily Rose had problems with her medication or whether her explanation about paranoia, seizures, muscle and joint strength, screaming, cruelty and inability to eat has no physical-scientific explanation.
The story comes from a real trial that took place in Bavaria in the seventies with a daughter named Annelis Michel. The real story is grayer than the movie.
Why would he see it?
The plot of the film is fascinating; it is reminiscent of the partial separation between religion and science.
Is demonic possession real? Does science answer? Does God exist?
It is often by a madman that we come closest to ghosts (whether real or not).
Maybe you’ve heard the stories of the obsession, and if you wanted to see a real ghost, this movie might be the most obvious answer.
It is one of the most accurate and plausible supernatural films, but at the same time one of the most terrifying ghost films you can see.

Before jumping to first place, I’d like to mention a few honourable mentions that we couldn’t include in the top 10 ghost movies of all time in the countdown, but that are worth seeing.

  • Babababook
  • Mama
  • sixth sense

Top 10 Scaryst Ghost Movies Ever

Intensity of anxiety-10/10
Film quality-9.5/10

Hérédité is a film that pushes the boundaries of the scary.
His story tells the story of a dysfunctional family, connected to the death of a family member, and shows the audience how these people gradually collapse, how grief overcomes them.
If you go and watch this movie and expect it to be a typical horror movie, you are terribly confused.
The images draw your attention from the first frame; I loved the way the camera focused on that annoying miniature house.
The fear of jumping in this movie will shake you awake, because it is not your usual fear of jumping.
What is a sudden silence followed by a dramatic sound and a spirit that appears out of nowhere?
The director’s sense of priority carefully conveys the best spectres: Wide-angle shots, a deluge of paranoia and simple but effective sound effects.
She enters every scene, and the audience shouldn’t relax at all. The last 15-20 minutes of the film get serious (very serious).
And yes! In addition, persistent malfunctions in your psyche can cause PTSD, which you have received via this movie.
This film has never been a blockbuster, but it is on its way to becoming a classic, like The Exorcist, and will shine in the history of Hollywood as one of the 10 best horror films of all time.
Before you watch this film, make sure you are healthy and alert.

If you would like to watch our best ghost movies ever based on supernatural horror, please specify below which ones you would like to watch.
AlsoIf you want to challenge your friends to watch these horror movies together or alone, don’t forget to share this message.



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