Modbro was one of the fastest growing free and unlimited content live film and television sites. Mobdro had an application in Google Play and the Apple stores, but it was withdrawn for legal reasons. Since then there have been many alternatives to Mobdro for live TV shows with movies. In this article I have written the best applications, like mobdro for watching live video, but also some good movies and TV shows.

I have written a step-by-step manual for downloading and installing mobdro.

What are the best alternatives for the mafia to seelive?

Are you trying to open up the mafia? But the application opens. I made a list of the best applications such as mobdro for both live TV and film streams and shows.

TopTV (selected publishers)

With over 11 million downloads, Thoptv is one of the most downloaded applications for free movies and live TV broadcasts. Application of millions of users who will use it for live television and sports broadcasts. The website has high quality content, which makes it highly desirable.

Most users of the gaming company Google have given it a 5-star rating for its interface and user experience. The application size is 9.8 Mb and is supported on Android and iOS devices.


  • HD streaming
  • Numerous television channels
  • A good user interface

My opinion of Thop tv

Thoptv has a large collection of TV channels and programs that make it one of the best alternatives to Mobdro for free live TV. You can’t find the streaming application in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, so I wrote a whole article to download the apk application on the devices below.

How to download and install Thoptv on devices

Morph TV

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Morph TV is another alternative to Mobdro in this list, which broadcasts live television programmes in high quality. The streaming application was founded in 2017. Since then, users from all over the world have been using the platform to watch their favorite shows.

If you’re looking for high quality content, applications like mobdro, Morph TV is the perfect choice for you. The user has given it 4.5 stars in the memory of the game. In what follows, I’ve listed a few features of Morph TV that might inspire you.

Features of Morph TV

  • App apk works well on devices
  • High quality films and television programmes
  • Large collection of television channels

My opinion of Morph TV

Morph TV is very popular with users in Asia, especially in India, because of the good quality of the free live TV. I’d definitely recommend a morphing TV as an alternative to the Mafia. After the app was closed due to legal issues with the Play Store and Apple Store, I wrote the step below to download and install the apk from the Morph TV app.

Download and install the Morph tv apk application on ios and Android

Tea television

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Tea TV is a free website offering live television and TV shows. The alternative to mobdro also has films, which makes it highly desirable in this list, on applications such as mobdro. The content is reproduced in high quality and there is a good collection of television programmes. The application has been downloaded millions of times by users all over the world because it does not contain much advertising.

If you are looking for a streaming application like Mobro, a tea TV is a good alternative, and everything supports multiple players.

Contributions to Tea Television

  • Support for multiple actors
  • Over-the-air television
  • A good user interface
  • You can download the content

My opinion of the theatre

The TeaTv application supports multiple players as well as live TV programs. The content is displayed in a good interface with an excellent user interface.

Download and install the apk of the Tea TV application on multiple devices after the application has been stopped at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Cyberflix TV

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 – cyberflix tv app version 3.2.0

Cyberflix is a free streaming movie site with movies and shows available for download. He has a large collection of recent films and some from the 90s and 2000s.

Cyberflix has over a million downloads and does not need an email address to view streaming broadcasts. Users simply open the application and start streaming.

Cyberflix TVFeatures

  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • HD Show
  • Unlimited downloads

My opinion of Cyberflix tv

Cyberflix is one of the best alternatives for Mobdro in this list with a good selection of films and series. The application has become as important in terms of content as Mobdro, but it lacks live television.

Download and install the cyberflix apk application on multiple devices

Terrarium TV

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 – TV-Terrarium Download apk application

Terrarium TV is a free film application with over 5 million downloads. The size of the application is 24 MB and has an excellent user interface with free downloads and the latest movies and shows. The platform has become a very good modbro application with many possibilities.

If you want to watch live, there are other alternatives to mobdro that have a live broadcast.

TV Terrarium Features

  • Free movies and shows Downloads
  • A good user interface
  • Tons of streaming movies

My opinion of Terrarium TV

Terrarium Tv is known for its latest free movies and a good application as modbro. It doesn’t have live TV features like most Mobdro alternatives.

How to download and install terrarium TV on devices?

123 Films

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

123movies was one of the biggest free illegal movie sites. Millions of users around the world have used 123 movies to download movies and TV series.

All the latest films are available in the 123, making them even more desirable. The site was closed for legal reasons, and since then there are many apk-sites and mirror-links that don’t need an e-mail address to watch movies.

Includes 123 films

  • Download movies and demonstrations in one click
  • Different announcements
  • Better video quality
  • Live sports broadcasts

My opinion 123 Movie

In my opinion 123movies are the best applications such as mobdro with many functions also with live TV streaming. If you’re having trouble finding apk, I’ve written a whole article about it. Click on the link below.

How to download and install the 123movies apk application on devices


Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Cotomovies was one of the largest film streaming sites with millions of App Store and Play downloads. Cotomovies is one of the few alternatives to Mobdro, which does not have a lot of advertising on the platform.

The cinema’s user interface is highly interactive and, like most of the websites on this list, is closed for legal reasons.

Characteristics of the cathedral

  • An easy to use application
  • No registration is required.
  • worldwide access
  • A large selection is available

My opinion of Catomotives

Cat movies are a good alternative for the mafia and are among the best on the list. Since its completion, the apk application has become popular with users. If you want to download and install apk, I wrote the following article

How to download and install the cotomovies apk application on ios android?

Tube TV

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Tubi TV is a free movie broadcasting service with millions of viewers per month. The streaming service is free and completely legal. They do not publish any copyrighted content and viewers can use the platform without any problems.

The service has more than 20,000 films and television programmes and more than 20 million users per month. For users looking for device compatibility, Tubi can be played on more than 20 devices.

Fox Corporation bought Tubi TV for as much as $440 million, and Fox has been broadcasting more content ever since. If you are looking for a detailed overview of Tubi TV, read this article that we have written about everything you need to know about Tubi TV.

Bending properties

  • High quality films and television programmes
  • Compatible with the 25 plus device
  • A good user interface
  • Completely legal.

My opinion of Tubi TV

Tubi TV should be one of the best free streaming services to watch movies that are completely legal. The company deserves to monetize its platform through advertising. The Fox Corporation owns a Tubi TV, and many of Fox’s films are broadcast for free on Tubi TV. Undoubtedly the best site on the list, like TV mobro.

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Pluto TV is another free, 100% legal site for watching movies, which contains tons of movies and TV series. It was founded in 2014, is currently owned by viacom and has more than 20 million monthly users.

The free film streaming platform has brought together more than 170 channel partners to broadcast their films and television programmes. The most popular movies and shows in the most popular categories are broadcasted on Pluto TV.

Users do not need to worry about the device’s compatibility with Pluto TV, as Pluto TV is compatible with more than 15 devices.

Pluto TV Functions

  • 100% legal films and screenings
  • Compatible with the 15 plus device
  • available content 4k
  • 170 business partners

My opinion of Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the most popular legal film streaming services and one of Mobdro’s best competitors. Millions of users use Pluto TV every month to watch their favorite content. If you are looking for an alternative to Mobdro to watch movies and TV series, then Pluto is my choice.


Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Vudu is a website to watch movies and TV shows with paid and free movies. The streaming service has not only a large collection of paid movies and TV series, but also a special section for free movies and TV series.

The platform broadcasts movies and shows in 4k and Full HD, which makes viewing incredible. Millions of users around the world use Vudu to watch free and paid movies online.

I wrote a whole article on everything you need to know about voodoo.


  • All movies are legal.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Films and screenings in 4k and Full HD
  • You can buy and rent movies and TV shows…

My opinion of Vudu

I have been a Vudu user for over two years and I use the streaming service to watch movies and shows for free. I strongly recommend Vudu as an alternative to Mobdro for viewing free movies online.

The streaming service would have a large collection of movies and free online programs, as well as other applications such as mobdro.

Youtube Originals

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Youtube has the largest collection of user-generated content in the world, with billions of users. The application contains millions of videos of all kinds, but most do not know that Youtube also creates its own content.

The video giant has started to create and distribute its own content, and users around the world can watch it for free. The films and shows shown on Youtube Originals are not shown on any other platform, which makes Youtube Originals the best site on the list, just like mobdro.

Original YouTube Features

  • Compatible with more than 30 devices
  • Full HD, 4k and even 8k movies and projections
  • Films and screenings exclusively on Youtube.
  • Can be broadcast anywhere in the world.

My opinion of Youtube originals

Youtube originals broadcast and show their own films that cannot be shown on any other platform, making Youtube the best alternative to the mafia. Programs can even be broadcast in 8k, which is the best video quality.

Display case

Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Showbox is an application to watch movies with tons of free movies and shows from all over the world. It is free for all users and generates revenue through advertising on the platform.

Users don’t even have to register or create an account to watch free movies and shows on Showbox. The application also allows users to download movies and shows, making it even easier to use.

Read this article I wrote about downloading and installing Showbox on Apple, Fire TV and Android.


  • Users can download the titles
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • No registration
  • A good user interface

My opinion of Showbox

If you’re a movie lover and you’re looking for something even better than mobdro, then showbox is the better application than mobdro because it offers most of the same features. Just as Mobdro users don’t have to register, they can also download movies and shows.


Top 13 best Mobdro alternatives to watch free live tv and movies in 2020 –

Go-Filme was one of the largest film streaming locations before the closure by the government. The Gomovies application is still running and you can download its apk. I have listed a simple step to download and install Go movies on multiple devices.

The application has the latest collection of films and series, which explains its popularity with people all over the world. Users do not have to log in before they can use the application.

Characteristics of Fiction filmsFilms

  • The largest collection of TV series and films
  • No need to register or log in
  • Good film quality

My opinion of GoMovies

GoMovies should be an application to watch free movies and shows. The platform has had to deal with legal problems, but the apk application has all the features. It’s even better than showboxing, that’s why I’ve included gays in this list of the best showbox alternatives.

Read it: Is it legal or illegal? Is the application safe to use?

Last words

I have listed the best Mobdro alternatives with their features and comments. I was hoping you would like my article and I have left a comment in the comments below if you want to recommend a website.

Read it: The best places to watch free movies

Take a look at this: This article is intended for educational purposes and geekymint does not promote illegal streaming sites. All rights belong to the copyright holders.

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