After shared hosting, dedicated webserver hosting and VPS hosting. Cloud hosting is a new web hosting service that is becoming increasingly popular in the new technological era. In this article I will show you the 4 best cloud webhosting plans for 2020. Cloud web hosting is more reliable for your online customers. To be safe and fast in this new technological age, you also need advanced technology to maintain it.

When it comes to website hosting, you should take all possible precautions. For example, everything that has to do with your website is your service provider and your hosting plan. This way you can see all the possibilities to get the best accommodation.

In that order, you should know more about cloud web hosting. Because if you need cloud hosting, you need to know that. With this article I would like to inform you about the last four top cloud hosting companies. In addition, the demand for cloud hosting has increased rapidly lately.

There was a time when you had to pay for some web hosting packages. Later, if you want to change it, you can’t. However, with the new era of cloud technology, this is easy to achieve. I will tell you about the main types of cloud web hosting and some of the best hosting providers.

In addition, if you are considering cloud web hosting, the information in this article will help you in many ways. You can also choose the cloud hosting that suits you best.


Top 4 Best Cloud Web Hosting Plans for 2020

Soon we will present to you the four most important cloud web hosting plans for 2020. But before I start, I will explain what cloud hosting is and what advantages it offers. Among hundreds of cloud hosts I have selected 4 of the best to get you started.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Ever heard of Google Drive? I’m sure you’ve done something similar. For example, the cloud is a decentralized storage solution. At some point the data can be stored in Google Drive, iCloud.

Specifically, uploading data to a server or cloud hosting is the same. But different at the same time.

If you have a traditional server, your website may be down in case of a problem. However, this will not happen with the cloud, because the cloud provides you with multiple servers. If one of the servers fails, it will be taken over by the other server. As a result, your website does not depend on a single server and does not run offline.

In this case, you know that it is better to prefer cloud hosting. Because not only will your website run smoothly, it won’t stop responding. It also speeds up your website and ensures better response times.

What’s more, you’ll now understand why cloud hosting is the best option for you. With a single server you only have one option, but with multiple servers you must have multiple options.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers better speed, better security, better performance and much more. For example, if something goes wrong, you only have one server to fix it. In addition, you can deactivate your website to find out.

However, cloud hosting servers support your website while you work on something. You will also get an additional increase in traffic to your site. If you choose to set up a cloud, you have simple options compared to hosting on a single server.

There are many cloud hosting providers, but as you know, they all offer better service. So I’m going to share with you the 4 best cloud webhosting plans for 2020. Now you can choose the best cloud hosting providers.

1. Clouds

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

3. Microsoft Azure

4. HostGator

1. Clouds

If you’re wearing a dress with general plans for your website, then Cloudways is revolutionary for your website. There are many advantages to using Cloudways, but one of the main reasons is that it allows you to move your cloud servers to 25 different locations around the world. This gives you the opportunity to change countries and cities.

This means your website won’t be slow and you won’t be far from your server. An hourly or monthly rate will be set for you. You can choose, and these plans for Cloudways are superior to other cloud hosting services, making it the best of 4 web hosting plans for 2020.

Cloudways says: An innovative platform for team building. Managed hosting that helps companies realize the full potential of their websites. Managed hosting of the Cloudways type.

Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital and Aakib Gadit are the founders of Cloud Pathways, which was founded in 2009.

For the basic plan you supposedly pay 10 dollars a month. However, if you want an hourly rate, you will have to pay $0.0139 per hour.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Today, you know Amazon from many services, but you know they have one of the best cloud hosting services. They are not only among the best, they are also at the top of Cloud 2020’s list. Next month they will definitely be on the list of the best cloud hosting providers.

Top 4 Best Cloud Web Hosting Plans for 2020

Amazon Cloud Hosting was one of the first companies to offer cloud hosting. Since then, they have been one of the main competitors offering infrastructure as a service.

In this case it is a network of content delivery, computing, storage and databases. These are the five categories of Amazon web services. And with a secure web client you have easy access to it. That way you can control them all. In addition, you can check everything on your website simply by logging into Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS offers you several possible services that no other cloud service can offer you. More: If you want to store your data on a large scale. We’re talking terabytes or more for online storage. Then it’s easy to do with the help of Snowball. You can also consult Amazon Aurora if you need a database management system (DBMS).

AWS services are free for one year, directly from Amazon. In addition, customer service is available on request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I don’t think there’s anything Amazon can’t do.

3. Côte d’Azur Microsoft

In many of the names that appear when you talk about cloud hosting. This is where Microsoft Azure comes into the picture, because it is one of the best cloud hosting providers. So if you’re moving your business to the cloud, consider Microsoft Azure.

Top 4 Best Cloud Web Hosting Plans for 2020

It was originally known as Windows Azure, but was later renamed Microsoft Azure. Also, it might not work for you if you plan your own small business. It’s for extra calculations if you want to make a big problem out of it. Everything happens on a single, uniform platform for all your business applications and data.

Microsoft Azure’s security certifications are in some ways better than those of other cloud hosting providers. It provides cloud computing services with additional analysis, networking, computing and storage capabilities. Microsoft Azure has the tools to meet the needs of industries such as e-commerce, finance and various Fortune 500 companies. In the first place, it must support open source technology.

4. HostGator

With HostGator you now have an efficient way to grow your website. It is a better option than Microsoft Azure for a pure website, not for a company. The costs of HostGator can be slightly higher than those of traditional cloud hosting platforms. However, it does much more than other cloud computing platforms that require you to move your website with many virtual servers.

Top 4 Best Cloud Web Hosting Plans for 2020

Brent Oxley founded HostGator in October 2002. That’s why, over time, it has become one of the leading cloud hosting providers. In addition, in 2008, HostGator was named one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., with 21 companies from the company Inc. Magazine.

That said, HostGator’s unattended storage will provide your website with the best resources. For example, you have a better option if the content consists of images and has many pages.

However, you should know that there will be a limitation for you. You have no free backups, no free domain and no root access.


That’s it for the top 4 of best cloud web hosting plans for 2020. I have done my best to point out the best providers in the cloud in 2020. However, if you have any questions about this article, please let me know in the comments.


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