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Top Ten Stock Market Movies

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

It was always pretty dramatic at the fair.
Whether it’s the wild times of volatility that dominated the markets last year or the exciting new companies preparing to go public, there’s almost always something to be excited about.
Stock market films depict these moments in a simple, entertaining but informative way.
The directors of these financial films really capture the essence of what goes on behind these glittering buildings in New York’s financial district.
If you look at them, you will be surprised (and disgusted) by the behaviour of the sharks and greed for money.
I guarantee you that most of these true stories will teach you something new and entertain you like a Hollywood movie.
Here are the 10 best fair films of all time:

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What do you learn?– How defaults on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) spread the Wall Street crisis to the rest of the world
It also reflects the incompetent decisions and policies of the Federal Reserve in an attempt to stabilize financial markets.

Henry Paulson, the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, is trying to solve the problems that arose during the Great Depression after stepping down from his management position at Goldman Sachs.
The film was written and released in 2011 by Andrew Ross Sorkin, who is also the author of the current TV series Billion (also a must-see for any film about hedge funds and insider trading) and is directed by Curtis Hanson.
It concerns the size and networking of certain companies, in particular financial institutions.
It shows how catastrophic their collapse is for the entire economic system.
He also explains several films about the mortgage crisis.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What You Learn– The film shows the ups and downs of a comedy genre that forms the socio-economic basis and class structure of America.
The film also depicts many stereotypical ideas about money.
For me personally, this is one of the best films on the stock market, showing the main emotions behind the volatility of commodities.
The year 2020 will be difficult, but the emotions behind the bull and bear markets are the same.

Through this bet, two heartless brothers of a millionaire conspired to trade the assets of a snobbish investor and a cunning scammer.
In this modern version, Prince and Cooper Eddie Murphy is described as a crook who was manipulated into becoming director of a raw materials company and accidentally replaced his successor, the blue-blooded director (Dan Aikroyd).
While the real trade takes a backseat for the characters as they deal with new living conditions, the last 15 minutes of the film give a very accurate picture of a furious trading session in the stands where orange juice futures contracts are traded.

8. Barbarians at Gate

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What you learn– Barbarians at the door are inspired by a real event.
Viewers will be surprised and entertained by the failure and greed of Nabisco’s CEO, F. Ross Johnson, and by the substantive discussions and brutal views surrounding this popular LBO.

This investment film tells the true story of the large food and tobacco company R.J.R. Nabisco, which was taken over with great violence. This conglomerate will be captured in a brutal war.
The CEO of the group, F. Ross Johnson (James Garner), tries to buy the undervalued company indirectly from investors.
But the Wall Street investment professionals he hires become his rivals in buy-outs.
At worst, it’s greed – that’s good – to get money.
This classic shows how Wall Street companies thrive in these mega mergers and acquisitions.
The best financial film about business ideas if you are a securities investor.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What you will learn– The margin call makes no secret of its contempt for the reckless risks taken by some of the largest banks in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis, such as the sale of complex derivatives that they barely understood.
This film about the financial crisis also reminds us of the importance of risk management.

On the eve of the collapse of the US stock market in 2008, the head of the management department of a financial company engaged in critical analysis was dismissed.
His protégée tries to make an analysis and find the real reason for his financial decline.
The characters are then forced to take drastic measures to limit their losses.
The story takes place in a 24-hour period of chaos during the financial crisis of 2008, a real American attraction not to be missed.
If you are interested in what happens during a crisis in financial companies, it could be a film about the stock market crash.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What you learn– The stock market video shows the greedy and bad faith tactics that can be used in advisory functions and the pressure that their leaders put on the sellers. (A red flag if you buy shares based on ruthless recommendations from your advisor or broker)

The real estate office gets the news that at the end of the week all but the two best employees are fired and the atmosphere at the office starts to warm up.
This much-quoted film, a famous large-screen adaptation of David Mamet’s play, features a team of depressed real estate sellers.
The story tells of four sellers from Chicago – Leven, Roma, Mossa and Aaronov – who work together to sell unwanted goods at inflated prices.
The film tells the story of how the ethics and morals of salespeople are fading after working for years in their unscrupulous company.
Shelly Leven (who has a sick daughter) is trying to get better clues from her boss, John Williamson.
His colleague Dave Moss proposes a plan to take the lead.
(I don’t want to ruin it.) When the police call and we discover that the real culprit is something we didn’t expect, that’s a good twist on a movie that depicts the tension between the characters.
The film is the culmination of the unexpected decision to fly.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What You Learn– This real estate film, which focuses on the lowest pumps and drain devices, is great and gives you a glimpse of the dirty financial practices that still exist today.
The boiler house serves as a warning for those who start investing in the stock market to adhere to transparent and reliable companies that have a solid foundation.

A student who dropped out of school is offered a position as a broker in an investment company, which leads to a successful career.
But success clouds his judgment and leads him into the maelstrom of greed and selfishness.
The Boiler House is one of the mandatory stock market films for those who want to know how the illusion of great wealth can poison the mind and how it can corrupt and destroy investors.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What do you know?– This is one of the best Wall Street movies, showing that there was (and still is) no transparency and risk management in the big banks.
An examination of a trader’s mind and why we need good control and guarantees, because the mind of every person can be destructive.

Rogue Trader is based on the true story of Nick Lison, a derivatives trader who in 1995 led to the collapse of the then 233-year-old Barings Bank in England, the second largest commercial bank in the world.
As a rising star on the Singapore stock exchange, Lisons blew up his account as quickly as possible, covering huge losses on carefully hidden accounts from his bosses.
Eventually, this leads to the failure of the Nikkei index, which eventually leads to a large sigma movement.
The loss ultimately amounts to £827 million ($1.4 billion), double the commercial capital available for parturition.
His only option is to flee the country with Lisa (Anne Freel), his beautiful wife, but in the end Leson will have to face his own consequences.

3. Wall Street Wolf

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What you learn– Like a barbaric pump and dump, the Wall Street wolf is built around the infamous Oakmont Stratton.
A pump and dump plan that helped many large public companies to go public at the end of the eighties and in the nineties, based on real events (with unrealistic but realistic drama and the shadow of a better caprio performance).

Jordan Belfort is part of a fast-track brokerage firm, L.F. Rothschild loses his job as a junior broker on Black Monday (1987 stock market crash).
He partnered with Donny Azoff as the relationship developed and eventually created his own real estate agency, Stratton Oakmont.
This 3 hour movie is in my opinion one of the most entertaining and funny movies for stockbrokers in Hollywood, if not on our list. It won’t satisfy you if you only look at it once.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What you learn– This is the best film about the real estate crisis of 2008 (the mortgage crisis).
As you can see, the shortcomings of investment banks and companies are that they have little understanding of the products they develop and do not make a profit.

Several financial experts take note of the uncertainty in the mid-2000s and expect the US housing market to collapse.
Michael Berry (Christian Bale), a hedge fund manager, knows that many subprime mortgages run the risk of default.
Place interest on the housing market by investing $1 billion of its investors’ money in collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).
The short positions attract the attention of bankers, hedge fund specialists and other greedy opportunists.
Together, these people benefit from the impending economic collapse of the United States and make fortunes.
Through their investigations, they expose gaps and corruption in the system.
This film combines a stupid comedy with a financial crisis that has made almost 8 million people unemployed.

Top Ten Stock Market Movies

What do you learn?– The film warns us about the dangers of insider trading and market manipulation.
A Wall Street film is an obligatory click on the stock market for beginners.

Bud Fox, a young stockbroker, wants to work with his idol Gordon Gekko and tries to impress him by spying on famous companies.
Finally, a stockbroker (Charlie Sheen) develops a deep respect for Gekko (Douglas) by providing him with inside information that lures him to theft.
Gekko calls Bud according to a scheme where Bud unconsciously compromises his father’s ability (played by the actor’s real father, Martin Sheen) to make a living from noble work.
After hearing Gekko’s antics, Bud tries to destroy Gordon and he succeeds.
The popular expression greed was well suggested to us by Gekko in this classic stock market film.
The sequel to Wall Street was published in 2010: Money never sleeps.
Michael Douglas re-releases the role of Gordon Gekko and appeared in the films Shea LaBeouf, Cary Mulligan and Josh Brolin.

These best archival films are of great value to any potential financial expert.
But if you don’t have a career in this field, these films can make you feel like you’re in a wild and sometimes crazy financial world.
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