Remote control Yes : One of the few models that can be driven remotely via bluetooth. It is a great advantage since it can carry two bottles of 8 liters each on the footrests. When we drive it like this and someone gets in to drive it, the remote control automatically deactivates until the driver gets out.

Mobile app Yes : One of the most complete app on a hoverboard: social forum for Ninebot customers (who share their photos from anywhere in the world), flashing light settings, choice of LED colors, anti-theft, damping adjustment, speed limiter, speedometer, kilometer counter, etc …

Autonomy: 35-40 Km; Max speed: 18-20 Km / h; Dimensions: 58cm x 18cm approx; Wheels: 6.5 ″; Speaker: No 

Personal opinion: Impeccable, the amount of solutions it offers to the obstacles of the terrain is impressive. In my personal experience, it climbs steps of 6-7 cm and allows falling slopes of more than 30 cm. Another little trick is that by having a rudder in the legs, the most daring can take it with their hand to literally “jump”. In this way we can overcome steps of more than 10cm. Recently I have discovered how to climb 20 cm steps with one wheel, now if possible the other wheel remains.

Examples of these high-end unicycles:  Ninebot Mini Pro ,  NINEBOT-E Unicycle  or the new Segway miniLITE unicycle

Note: The ninebot miniPro does not have a standard seat, the central T-bar is not for sitting. Sometimes people get it confused, if we didn’t sit on the T and wanted to turn, we would literally “move our ass to the side.”

As a last curious fact, mention the photos above. We already know that there are several examples of electric scooter in coimbatore that we have not yet seen in our streets and beaches, but it will not be long. These are the new saddles for all types of balancing unicycle with its fixing bracket in the center. It is surprising because it can drag a lot of weight, even a beach cooler with two chairs with even two people and surfboards !!. Coming soon to miniPitBikeS, your favorite hoverboard store.

2. The harley style electric motorbike, a new skate bike

The first time you see an electric motorcycle with a high Harley-type handlebar, you have to recognize that it has a differentiating style. It does not go unnoticed by people on the street. It can be used as an electric scooter with a saddle if we stand up or as a motorcycle if we are seated. There are models that even have a double seat to incorporate a passenger, that is, they are quite powerful. The models that include speakers to listen to our favorite music from the mobile seem to be even more striking.

There are those that could become registrable by incorporating a horn, headlight, rear led lights, rear-view mirrors and side indicators. Perhaps to put a but it would be missing the rear license plate holder. There are many brands that sell them in Spain, but few are of high quality and are exclusively dedicated to them.

Characteristics of an electric motorcycle type harley

Mainly we are struck by its shapes and well-cared aesthetics. If we could only see the upper part of the handlebar it could be mistaken for an old Harley Davidson. The high handlebar reminds us of the position of the arms that so symbolizes that brand. Its weight can range from 45 to 70Kg developing a power of 800W to 2000W, depending on the model, and with a voltage between 48 and 60V. The maximum speed can vary from 25Km / h limited to 60Km / h, little to envy a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine.

Dragging it is not very heavy, but it is a bit difficult to push because of how big it is. It allows climbing slopes of more than 15-20% since it is designed to climb small slopes for a few kilometers. The autonomy is good allowing 25 to 80 km of distance, although with a pilot and companion it would have a shorter range. Lithium batteries are higher quality and lighter batteries that is why all the Harley style electric motorcycle models that we offer always include them as standard. It also stands out for its large 12 ″ tires that include all motorcycles of this style.

The quality brands that are most focused on these models are Grand scooter and Emoveyou. Although other equally valid high-end brands are Malcor, Roan Racing and Raycool, but to date they have one or two models each. Few models incorporate front shocks but even fewer high-quality rear shocks like the high-end Emoveyou model.

2.1- Mid-range electric chopper bike and its benefits (Example: 1000W CityRoad Skate )

Chassis and damping : The design is simple or minimalist, so much so that it does not incorporate any type of shock absorber. We can see how the rear wheel goes through the chassis without further ado. The front wheel also does not have damping on its supports, providing a more basic appearance and without excesses.

Brakes : Most Harley motorcycle models are fitted with hydraulic brakes, few models have mechanical cable disc brakes. This model incorporates a cable brake and in a way adds a simpler design to this type of brake.

Speed ​​and autonomy : Not being a mid-range has to run little or have to recharge it every two times. In fact, the simplest model of CityRoad mini 800W can reach a speed of up to 35Km / h and a range of approximately 25-30 km. The mid-range is no small thing, for that reason we do not believe that there is a low range in these vehicles.

No basic mobile app : It is one of the few models that does not have a mobile connection or speakers to listen to music from it. Basic model without any extras.


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